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Running Start

Financial Assistance (Fee Waiver) for Running Start Students

Students who are experiencing financial hardship are welcome to apply to the Running Start Fee Waiver Program.

Who is eligible?

Students must be on the Free/Reduced Lunch Program in their high school for the upcoming/existing academic year and meet additional eligibility requirements specified on the Fee Waiver Application.

What costs are covered if I am eligible?

Class fees and associated student fees will be waived for college level classes (NOTE: Below college level classes [under 100 level] and materials class fees for all classes will not be covered by Fee Waiver). Students that qualify for Fee Waiver may also be eligible for the Textbook Resource Program. This program gives the qualified student credit at the Edmonds College bookstore to apply toward the cost of textbooks. In the 2014-15 academic year, students received $100 credit each quarter (this is subject to change each quarter). While this may not cover all textbook costs, it can help.

How long are students eligible for a Fee Waiver?

Students are eligible for the entire academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring) that they applied. Returning students are required to submit a new application in the new academic year.

When can I submit a Fee Waiver Application?

Applications are accepted once students receive their Free/Reduced Lunch Program eligibility letter from their High School and provide the Running Start office staff with required supporting documentation listed on the application. Free/Reduced Lunch applications for the upcoming academic year are generally not available by the school districts until mid-August or later. Contact your school district for more information on dates.

Students must apply for the Fee Waiver Program by the first day of the quarter.

We encourage students to submit their Fee Waiver Application as soon as possible.

What happens after I submit my Fee Waiver Application?

Your application is reviewed by the Running Start Director and you will be notified within three business days by EdMail about the status of your application.

Are all students who apply for a Fee Waiver eligible for the program?

No. Students must meet the eligibility criteria listed on the Fee Waiver Application.

What if I missed the deadline to apply for Fee Waiver in the Fall Quarter?

Then you can apply for a Fee Waiver for the remaining quarters of that academic year. Be sure to meet the Fee Waiver application deadlines.