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Running Start

Current Students: Probation Suspension and Appeal Process

All Running Start students must agree to this progress policy to participate in Running Start. Students are required to check their college grades each quarter to ensure they are in compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

The Running Start program at Edmonds College strives to support the academic success of all program participants. If you are concerned about your academic progress, please contact us. We are happy to help.

Policy Description
Quarterly GPA Requirement Each student must meet a minimum Quarterly GPA of 2.0.
Satisfactory Completion of Courses Requirement Students must successfully complete and pass all courses they attempt. Students must not receive a grade of: I, W, V , N or U.*
10th Day Requirement Students must complete all courses they are enrolled in after the 10th day of the quarter.
Probation The first quarter a student does not meet one or more of the three requirements listed above they will be placed on probation for the following quarter.
Suspension The second quarter a student does not meet one or more of the three requirements listed above they will be suspended from the program.

* I = Incomplete, W = Withdrawal, V = Instructor Initiated Withdrawal, N = Audit, U = Unsatisfactory

Tips for Avoiding Academic Probation or Suspension:

  1. Talk with your instructor ASAP. Let them know you are struggling and ask for help.
  2. Utilize Campus Resources (see quicklinks). Contact the Running Start office if you are unsure what to do or who to get help from.
  3. If you need to withdraw from a class, be aware of the deadline to do so, consult with your instructor about this option and come to the Running Start office as soon as you decide to withdraw.


  • Probation is a warning. The quarter you are on probation means you need to maintain above a 2.0 GPA and remain in your classes past the 10th day of the quarter. Failing to do so will result in suspension the following quarter. 
  • If you complete the quarter with a 2.0 or higher and remain in your classes past the tenth day of the quarter, you will be off probation the following quarter.
  • Students will be notified via EdMail of their probation status and high school counselors will also be notified.


  • Students on suspension will be notified by EdMail and followed up by phone call. High school counselors will also be notified.
  • If a student is suspended, they are no longer eligible to participate in Running Start unless they submit an appeal form and the appeal is granted.

Probation and suspension summary chart

Download the probation and suspension summary chart in PDF.

  1. Fill out the Appeal Form.
  2. Bring your completed form to your high school counselor for review and signature.
  3. Submit the form to the Running Start office no later than 4 p.m. on the first day of the quarter (earlier submission is strongly advised).
    Note: A suspended student who has already registered for classes will have until the first day of the suspension quarter to submit a completed appeal or he/she will be withdrawn from classes.
  4. Students will be notified within three business days regarding the college's decision on the appeal.
  5. Students will be required to meet with a Running Start staff member upon approval of appeal.

If Appeal is Approved:

Students granted an appeal will be on "Suspension-Reinstatement" and will be required to follow certain conditions which will be discussed at the first meeting.

  • Suspension-reinstated students must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA and complete all credits enrolled in after the tenth day of the "Suspension-Reinstatement" quarter.
  • If a student maintains satisfactory academic progress during the "Suspension-Reinstatement" quarter, then they can continue in the Running Start program under "Probation Status."
  • Only one appeal is granted during the time a student is enrolled in the Running Start program.

Please Note: There is no possibility of appeal and continuance in the Edmonds College Running Start Program if a student fails to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards during the "Suspension-Reinstatement" quarter.