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Running Start

What Running Start Covers

Tuition for eligible college level classes. This amounts to a savings of over $500 per 5 credit (i.e. English, Math, History) class. Tuition is not covered for classes below 100 level.

Student Costs (2017-18)

A full-time (15 credits) student will expect to pay an estimated $200-$300* per quarter in Associated Student Fees and Class Fees.

Cost Amount
Associated Student Fees $9.86* per credit, per quarter
Class Fees Varies per class
Books Estimated at $150* per book per quarter
Transportation Orca Bus Pass: $36* first quarter, $26* each additional quarter.
Gas for driving (student parking permits are free*).


* All costs are subject to change without notice.

Fee Waiver (Financial Assistance)

Fee waiver is available for students experiencing financial hardship. Qualified students get most fees waived for college level courses and are eligible to receive a small amount of credit in the college bookstore to help pay for textbooks. Fee waiver is valid for one academic year only and juniors must re-apply their senior year.

For more information, visit the Fee Waiver page and complete the Fee Waiver Application.