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Information for High School Students and Parents

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College in the High School (CHS) is a cooperative partnership between local school districts and Edmonds Community College (Edmonds CC) that provides your 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student the opportunity to simultaneously (concurrently) earn dual (Edmonds CC and high school) credits. National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships accreditation logoThe credits earned will count toward BOTH high school graduation requirements as well as transfer to future two or four-year college, typically required General Education courses.

Edmonds CC's College in the High School Program is nationally accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, one of only three community colleges in Washington state.

Welcome to Edmonds Community College! Whether you are the first in your family to attend college or carrying on a family tradition by earning a college degree, we are here to support you. As an enrolled College in the High Schoolstudent, you are part of the Edmonds CC Triton family with all college resources available to you, including advising, tutoring, and use of the library.

College in the High School(CHS) is a unique opportunity for you to earn dual (high school and college) credit while remaining at your high school. Your high school teacher has been recognized for exemplary teaching and meets the qualifications of the college necessary to be appointed as CHS Associate Faculty.

Edmonds Community College faculty and staff are committed to excellence – everyday. Our goal is to help you create a foundation for success. Edmonds CC has over 120 affordable degrees and certificate programs. We have a place for you and a path for you following high school graduation. We’d be glad to show you around the campus and will provide you with information to assist you with upcoming educational decisions.

With a minimum of 2.0 (C grade), the credits you earn at Edmonds CC through the CHS program will transfer to all Washington State public colleges and universities. Both your college and high school transcripts will show that you have taken a rigorous CHS class, which is viewed positively by Admissions Offices.

Edmonds CC believes in you and your potential. My best wishes for a challenging and exciting school year.


Dr. Amit B. Singh

President, Edmonds Community College

Students who have participated in CHS say

“This was a really great opportunity that helped me find what I wanted to do with my future and made me see higher goals could be achieved that I never thought about.”

“I am grateful for the opportunities to take college classes at a reduced price.”

“I hope this continues to be a program that students in high school can participate in for many years to come. It is something that I don’t take for granted that helped me get ahead of the game with my education after high school.”

“It helped me transfer quicker to the college of my dreams.”

“I highly recommend to high schoolers!”

You will have the peace-of-mind that your student does not need to travel to the college campus but remains at his/her high school—staying involved in favorite school activities (clubs, sports). Your student will have more time to learn the college material (semesters rather than college quarters) and by completing college degree requirements now, s/he will reduce potential future student loans. Additionally, your student will save even more money because s/he doesn’t need to buy books (often $150+ per college course) or have the cost of transportation (car/gas).

By enrolling in the CHS program, your student is considered an Edmonds CC student and will have access to all college resources including advising, tutoring, and library. CHS Associate Faculty (approved high school teachers) partner with Edmonds CC faculty members to ensure that the classes offered through CHS are the same as the classes taught on the college campus. Encourage your student to be the first in your family to begin college or carry on your family tradition as a college graduate!

CHS differs from Career and Technical Education because CHS courses are academic transfer rather than professional/technical classes. That means that college credits earned transfer (generally meeting General Education requirements) to all public Washington State colleges/universities and, often, out-of-state because this is a nationwide program.

CHS differs from Running Start because the students remain at their high schools and are taught by their high school teacher who has been appointed CHS Associate Faculty. Not all high school classes have been approved for CHS nor do all high school teachers meet the CHS teaching requirements/standards.

Advanced high school courses approved for CHS are challenging and match the content and rigor of the equivalent college courses offered on the Edmonds CC campus.

Prior to registration for CHS classes, your student should:

  • complete the Edmonds CC online application form (there is no fee)
  • and demonstrate any required placement/prerequisite courses. Your student’s teacher will review his/her high school/college transcript or Smarter Balanced score. Another option might be a recommendation to take the placement exam (there is no fee for the initial exam).

Placement exam(s) and transcript reviews are conducted at your student’s high school. Registration for CHS classes is completed by mailing the appropriate paperwork to the College in the High School Office by the deadline outlined in the “How do you register for CHS classes and what are the important deadlines?” Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this website which also includes "Important Student Deadlines." The cost for CHS tuition is less than 40% of Edmonds CC’s resident college tuition/fees. Additional cost savings include no required purchase of textbooks, transportation to the college or other college per credit fees.

Because CHS courses are taught on the high school’s academic schedule, your student has more time to complete the course requirements. There is no credit for AP or IB courses. All Washington State public community colleges and universities offer credit depending on the IB score. College websites provide information regarding how AP/IB scores are are transcripted for college credit. If your student earns at least a 2.0 (C) grade, the college credits will fast track his/her degree completion. S/he will transfer credits that meet prerequisites which provide the opportunity to take more advanced college classes. Additionally, when your student does well in a CHS class, the Edmonds CC transcript as well as the notification on a high school transcript demonstrates to the college admissions offices that they have the ability to do college level coursework.

Campus Tour

As a College in the High School student, you are also an Edmonds Community College student. We welcome you to our main campus and would be happy to have you join one of our scheduled campus tours. Student led tours are about one hour long. You will get a sense of what our campus is like from the inside – out. Sign up for a campus tour.

Group tours are also available. Just email admissions@edcc.edu.

If you’d rather do a self-guided tour, use our campus map.

Whatever option you choose, we would love to have you visit to learn more about our programs and the resources that are available to help you reach all of your goals.