Healthy Relationships Team

Coordinated COMMUNITY response 

The Healthy Relationships Team (HEART) provides training and consultation for members of the campus community how to effectively respond to incidents of relationship violence. We collaborate with Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness, Title IX, Student Conduct, Behavior Intervention Team, and any other department that requests specialized training for their faculty and staff. 

Training for faculty and staff

In order to provide victim-survivors with the care they deserve, all faculty and staff on campus must be ready to provide support as part of their established duties. This requires everyone to be informed of their responsibilities under Title IX, to understand reporting procedures, and to know where direct students when they need help.

The following training resources are readily available to faculty and staff through the Human Resources division:

Title IX training

Bridges: Building a Supportive Community

This 60-90 minute training module teaches EdCC employees about their role in protecting students as Responsible Employees under Title IX. The course covers how to identify and report different types of sexual misconduct committed against students, as well as ways to prevent sexual violence and maintain a safe campus community.

Employees interested in taking the course should request access via email to In the body of the email, please provide your full name, SID, division and supervisor. 1

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Compliance training

Sexual Harassment Prevention

To help employees understand the federal, state, and/or college policies they are held accountable for, Edmonds Community College has designated several trainings as mandatory for all college employees. Every employee is required by the college to complete compliance training consisting of five courses, which includes Sexual Harassment Prevention.

This training’s focus is to 1) raise awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace, 2) help participants understand laws, policies and expectations governing how to work with fellow employees and students at Edmonds Community College, 3) review proactive measures to avoid sexual harassment, and 4) provide procedures to follow if involved in a sexual harassment incident in the workplace. 2

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Request training for your department

While HEART is still developing training content for campus professionals, we are able to accommodate requests from any department on campus for presentations, guest speakers, focus group discussions, and consultations.

To request training for your department, fill out the HEART Training Request Form or email us at


Training for security, conduct and judicial professionals

Cross-training first responders is an integral part of HEART’s coordinated community response to relationship violence. Personnel who responsible for campus safety, conduct, judicial, and Title IX processes participate in ongoing training in order to better serve victim-survivors and hold offender accountable. On a case by case basis these training opportunities will be open to the campus community.

Training topics

The following topics are part of our efforts to train first responders on campus:

  • Causes and effects of sexual assault (including drug-facilitated sexual assault), domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking (including technology-facilitated stalking)

  • Applicable state and federal laws

  • Tactics of offenders

  • Neurobiology of trauma and the ways victims respond to trauma

  • Issues related to consent in sexual assault cases

  • Issues related to judging credibility

  • Student code of conduct and the appropriate range of sanctions

  • Lethality assessments, primary aggressor determinations, and arrest protocols

  • Responses to sexual assault investigations

  • Orders of protection


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