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Danielle Carnes

Danielle Carnes 

Vice President for Innovation and Strategic Partnerships and Special Assistant to the President

Keeping a close eye on trends at the national, regional, and local level will help us anticipate what tomorrow’s students and community will need from Edmonds College. I recommend strategy and lead initiatives that will keep our college at the forefront of innovation. Working at four-year public, four-year private, and two-year public institutions has given me a broad understanding of the student experience on college campuses and cemented my passion and commitment to community colleges. I bring knowledge and expertise in enrollment management, business intelligence, data visualization, and strategic communications to the Edmonds College team.

I am a Colorado native, and fairly recent transplant to Washington. I have two hip pre-teens and two super social kittens. We enjoy nerdy board games, sci-fi, and movie nights. I am also a retired professional dancer–specializing in Salsa and Swing. 

Christina Castorena

Christina Castorena 

Vice President for Student Services

I work with our exceptional Student Services professionals to support student learning and success by providing accessible, innovative, and transformational programs and services. We are here to serve students – from admissions and registration to advising and student life.

It was my distinct honor and pleasure to serve as Edmonds College’s interim president from January to June of 2018. As a first generation college graduate, I'm passionate about the community college mission, and its role in transforming lives and communities. I am committed to using both my education, professional training, and personal life experiences to support and lead institutional changes that result in equitable and quality programs and services to help all students achieve their personal, academic, and career goals. I have a strong commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. My passions include music and dancing. 

Terry Cox

Terry Cox 

Vice President for Workforce Development and Training

The Workforce Development and Training division supports Edmonds College student success with money for equipment in professional/technical programs, for faculty development, and for student tuition assistance and individualized support. We’re also reaching out to serve our community with non-credit classes for professional development and for fun; robust, short-term aerospace training; and contract and customized training for businesses. We collaborate with other agencies and groups in the community on grants and projects, working to solve issues in our local area.  

I am a life-long Washingtonian, and started my educational pathway by earning an associate degree from Centralia College. A few years ago, I earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership from University of Washington, and just prior to that, a Master of Business Administration from Washington State University – Vancouver. I live in Kingston now and love my daily ferry commute to work. My favorite activities are shopping with my sister and walking my dog on the beach.

Charlie Crawford

Charlie Crawford

Executive Vice President for Instruction

As the chief academic officer of the college, I work with faculty, staff, and administrators to help all of our students be successful. I supervise all instructional programs and academic support services. I am passionate about helping our college realize its vision of transforming lives through exemplary, nationally recognized educational and career pathways.

I am a Washington native, and before coming to Edmonds College, I worked for 18 years at Tacoma Community College. I care deeply about community colleges and the work we do. I began my career as librarian, so I am also an avid reader. I am a loyal Seattle sports fan, supporting the Sounders, Seahawks, and Mariners while waiting for the Sonics to come back to town.

Gregory Hinton

Gregory Hinton

Vice President for Finance and Operations 

The Finance and Operations Division provides a wide range of fiscal, accounting, and financial operations that support and assist in the creation of a strong fiscal environment for the college. Additionally, with responsibilities for facilities, safety, security, and emergency preparedness, we provide a healthy and safe place for students to learn, employees to work, and visitors to feel welcome.

With a background in organizational development and strategic planning, my desire is to help people grow and serve as a catalyst to inspire teams to become stronger. I strive to make individuals better and organizations more effective. I love working with and for students.

James Mulik

Jim Mulik

Senior Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Grants, and Accreditation Liaison Officer

I oversee the Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment (OPRA); the Grants Office; policies and procedures management; and accreditation. More specifically, our team of dedicated employees works with the Office of the President to provide vision and leadership in the areas of strategic and college planning; research and assessment; grants development; and institutional effectiveness activities. 

As for our team’s day-to-day work, most of our time is spent working with others at the college to help tell the story of the college to external audiences, such as the state and federal governments; people from other colleges who evaluate the college; grantors; and potential students and their families. These stories include statistics about the college and its students, evidence of the quality of programs, and comments and feedback conveyed through surveys.

On a personal note, while I am originally from Kansas City, I have strong connections to Micronesia, particularly the nation of Kiribati where my wife is from and where I served as a Peace Corps volunteer several years ago.


Mushka Rohani

Mushka Rohani

Executive Director of Human Resources

I'm a long-time resident of Edmonds and am excited to be working in my community. I'm keen on looking at how we can align Human Resources with the greater goals of the college. This is my first priority: To help the college reach its strategic goals. HR will be a partner in that, and will include talent management, recruitment, improving policies and operations, and having a healthy and productive relationship with our union. I want to offer Edmonds College employees opportunities for growth within a safe, warm, and supportive college environment that promotes excellence and excels at employee retention.

I hold an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England and an MBA from Seattle University. I'm also a proud alumna of Edmonds College. I've held positions as a labor relations analyst at the University of Washington and a strategic adviser in the City of Seattle’s human resources department with a focus on recruitment and retention, policy, and labor relations.

Eva Smith

Eva Smith, MSIM, CDMP

Chief Information Officer, Information Technology and eLearning

I believe that technology can provide transformational opportunities for education and am proud to lead the Information Technology and eLearning (IT&e) division at Edmonds College. This team of highly-skilled professionals supports the college's mission of teaching, learning and community by providing excellent information technology solutions and services that promote and enhance productivity and opportunities for learning. The IT&e team engages with all areas of the college, providing training and support, while also ensuring high availability and reliability of the critical computing services necessary to perform all college functions.

My career path was not traditional. I earned an associate degree from Shoreline Community College before transferring to the University of Washington to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Education/Sociology. My first career was in student loan servicing. Seven years later, I was hired by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and trained as a systems engineer in strategic planning consulting. After 10 years in progressive I.T. roles, I joined Edmonds College as a full-time instructor, and returned to UW to complete a Master of Science in Information Management.

My husband and I both grew up in Edmonds, and currently live in Bothell, Wash. with our two dogs. 

Yvonne Terrell-Powell

Yvonne Terrell-Powell

Vice President for Equity and Inclusion 

Equity and Inclusion consists of dedicated, experienced, and caring people who are committed to excellence and making a positive difference in the community and with students. We work together with the campus community to create an environment that supports and honors diversity, equity and inclusion for all of its members.

I enjoy connecting with people and building positive and healthy relationships. I believe that education changes our lives and it will continue to change the lives of the next generation. I am committed to individuals having an opportunity to obtain an education that values their voice, culture and identities and allows them to perform at their best. I am passionate about my work with helping to create momentum that compels us to create communities that advocate for diversity, equity and social justice. I enjoy learning, laughing, motivating and empowering others, listening to music, and spending time talking with strangers, family and friends. 

Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas

Executive Director of the Edmonds College Foundation

The Edmonds College Foundation supports student success, access, and excellence by providing scholarships, innovation grants, awards, and emergency funds. We transform student lives by securing support (time, talent, and treasure) from individuals, companies, and foundations. The Foundation team provides support for its Board of Directors with community members and volunteer committees, all of which support student success and educational excellence both at Edmonds College and throughout the community. In addition, we assist loyal donors and community members to leave a legacy to Edmonds College via their estate plans.

I was born and raised in Olympia, Wash., where I swam competitively and played water polo plus other sports. I have a daughter who will be attending Western Washington University this fall and a son who is a marketing manager for a food company in Los Angeles. I enjoy doing triathlons, hiking, volunteering, camping, eating out, going to movies, and taking road trips.