2010-11 Grants

EDGE Program

The EDGE Program is a professional development program for the Visual Arts that provides hands-on, interactive curriculum taught by professionals in the field. The Foundation grant money is used to provide several tuition scholarships for artists to participate and expand their professional development.

Conversations in Humanities

Conversations in Humanities provides ongoing opportunities for civil discourse on a variety of relevant topics. The series will examine the ways in which changes in technology, philosophy, and our understanding of how human impact on our shared physical environment effects human self-image while breaking down the artificial barriers between disciplines.

ODET Training Room Mediation

The Organizational Development and Employee Training Department (ODET) provides professional development training for College employees. This project will provide full multimedia equipment in existing training space, which will allow ODET to provide a more interactive training experience for employees.

SSD Tutoring

This program provides specialized one-on-one tutoring for students with disabilities or psychological disorders. For many students with disabilities, having the same tutor at the same time on a regular basis keeps them focused on subject material and increases retention. Over the last 2 years, this program has assisted over 200 students with a 79% success rate in Math and a 95% success rate in English in helping students pass their courses.

Current Issues Textbooks for HS Completion Students

This project will help Edmonds Community College High School Completion Department faculty create a textbook series that will better serve students with relevant high quality material while reducing book cost to the student. The textbook will be published on-campus and will also provide stability and continuity to History course curricula.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program provides free income tax return preparation for low income and elderly community members. This funding will help provide more training for volunteers and increased supervision at the tax clinic. The tax clinic will be staffed by EdCC accounting students, allowing them a more real-life work experience.

TRiO Student Support Services

The TRiO Program provides support services to EdCC students who are low-income, first generation college students or students with disabilities. Its goals are to increase retention rates, graduation rates and the rate of students transferring to 4-year institutions. This funding will support recognition activities that foster community within the program.

Job Development 130 – Classroom Support

Job Development 130 is a course in the Business Division that helps students design a plan for their academic, personal, or career success. This course helps students navigate the college system and learn about resources on-campus. Job Development 130 is a great introduction to college for new students, particularly those who have been away from school for a long time.

Audio Video Equipment Upgrade

This project allows students to have a more interactive learning experience by being able to utilize multimedia more effectively in the classroom. New equipment will enhance student projects and allow them to create a higher quality portfolio. The EdCC College Correctional Facility Program helps to prepare students to reenter the workforce and contribute to society upon their release from prison.


The Washington State Board of Community and Technical colleges identified that access to childcare is the number two barrier to accessing higher education. The Center for Families (CFF) provides infant and childcare to students, faculty and staff at Edmonds Community College. This grant will allow the Center to serve more infants and toddlers, allowing more students to continue their education, particularly low-income families who have difficulty finding low-cost, high quality childcare.

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks are service-learning projects offered to students during school breaks in-between quarters. The program partners with local community organizations to provide volunteer service projects for students. Recent projects include work with The Snohomish County Marine Resources Committee, WSU Beach Watchers, Port Townsend Marine Science Center and Moran State Park on Orcas Island. These activities allow students the opportunity for engagement in leadership and environmental issues.

It’s a Family Affair

This program helps to decrease barriers that low-income families of color face in the educational process, specifically math courses. It’s a Family Affair will offer explicit information to families about student development, K-12 culture, college culture, mathematics and its everyday applications.

SAT Preparation Course

This course will provide an affordable alternative SAT preparation course for low-income and non-native English speakers to help remove educational barriers imposed by the high cost of traditional SAT prep courses. Classes will be held on-campus and written specifically to help non-native English speakers perform better in the Reading and Writing portions.

Volunteer Literacy Program: Tutor-Training

The population of non-native English speakers or those lacking proficiency continues to grow with the current economic climate. The Volunteer Literacy Program provides tutoring to pre-GED, GED and ESL students. This grant will allow the program to improve training for its volunteers to provide more skilled tutoring and improve the program’s effectiveness.

Library Group Study Room Furniture and Equipment

The Library has seen a significant usage increase over the last three years. This grant will provide the library with additional group study room capabilities to meet the demands of increased student enrollment at Edmonds Community College.

Frames for Brier Hall Cafeteria

This project will provide a permanent art framing system to display photography student artwork in Brier Hall. The permanent structure allows the student artwork to rotate easily, making it possible to showcase as many students work as possible.

Edmonds CC Center for Families Art Docent Materials

The Art Docent project provides art experience for children in the Preschool and Head Start programs at the EdCC Center for Families. Exposure to art allows the children to develop creative though at an early age while providing volunteer opportunities for art students.