2009-10 Grants

“The Math 60 Project” and “The Calculus and Chemistry Project”

For the Math 60 project, in cooperation with Math 60 faculty, a cadre of math peer supplemental instruction assistants will be trained to work specifically with Math 60 students in an effort to reduce the dropout rate. For the Calculus and Chemistry project, a cadre of math peer supplemental instructional assistants will be trained to work specifically with calculus and chemistry students to address a significant increase in requests for assistance in these subject areas.

ABE 095 Incentive Funds

Keys to Success (ABE 095) students receive supplies from the Foundation to ease the college transition. Enrollment has increased as students hear of the course and its incentives from former participants and more funds are needed to meet demand.

Basic Patient Care Skills

The latest DVD collection of CNA skills will be purchased, replacing the grainy, outdated versions currently in place. This collection will be used each quarter for several years and helps students become more ready to perform to state standards.

College & High School Robotics Project

Working on the design and fabrication of an Edmonds CC robot incorporates robotics instruction into the curriculum of several different departments as well as have a robot for college promotional demonstrations. The project will also continue to mentor and support local high schools in the design and fabrication of competition robots for the FIRST Robotics National Contest.

Conversations in the Humanities

This project is a series of lectures and conversations between the instructors of Edmonds CC’s Humanities Division, public intellectuals, and cultural innovators. The program will stimulate dialogue between disciplines in the Humanities, engender intellectual exchange on the Edmonds CC campus, and increase community access to the college’s intellectual resources.

Culinary Arts Sustainable Purchasing

In order to advance the Edmonds CC and Culinary Arts Department’s Sustainability Initiative, the Culinary Arts department purchases sustainably raised and harvested, locally grown food products whenever possible. This grant will assist in ramping up the sustainable purchasing program without having to pass the increased costs of buying sustainable products on to students. The expectation is that the department will be able to absorb these costs over time and will not require ongoing assistance.

Curriculum Development for Clinical Simulation Learning in Nursing

SimMan is a computerized patient simulator for training in health care. The use of clinical simulation provides realistic patient care scenarios for students to achieve learning objectives in a safe controlled environment. This project involves the development and integration of a simulation learning curriculum into the practical nursing satellite program at Edmonds CC.

Development of Assessment Packets for Use with the Language Acquisition Program, “Side by Side”

The project is to develop assessment packets to be administered when a student in the ABE ESL Skills Lab has finishes one of the four levels of an English language software program called “Side by Side”. Currently, there is no measurement of knowledge acquisition for the student before they move from one level to the next.

Edmonds CC Textbook Rental Program

The textbook rental program supports the student learning process and benefits the Foundation’s mission by making textbooks more affordable for students. The average student pays $900 per year for textbooks. With our textbook rental program, we could significantly reduce that figure.

Green Roof

The design and construction of experimental green roof modules by student teams in Horticulture 255A will provide students with the skills to design and construct green roofs including knowledge of the range of technologies available for these projects and the application of each. This is an integral part of the Restoration Horticulture program and a growing technology.

LEAF School (Learn and Serve Environmental Anthropology Field School)

The LEAF School is a learning community that combines a service-learning curriculum with a part-time AmeriCorps program and is anchored by a series of three courses in Human Ecology. Students can earn academic credit and an AmeriCorps scholarship while working with local tribes, government, non-profits, and businesses to help foster a more sustainable quality of life.

LibGuides Pilot Project

A web-based library research guide will be created using LibGuides. LibGuides will replace and enhance the current printed guides, directing students to relevant print and digital scholarly resources on specific topics in a user-friendly and interactive format. LibGuides are to be customizable by subject, course, or assignment.

Online Journalism Module

The Online Journalism module will be a hands-on resource for instruction and training of students in the college’s journalism courses and of staff members of the student newspaper, The Triton Review, in the reporting, synthesis, and production of content for electronic purposes.

Parent/Student Math Advisory Night

The Parent/Student Math Advisory Night engages Edmonds CC and local high schools. The main goal of the event is to increase awareness about the importance of mathematics and the math expectations that Edmonds CC and other colleges have for high school students. This event is organized be the Mathematics Department in collaboration with staff at local school districts.

Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE) Conference

The Occupational Safety and Health Program and the Sustainability Council are hosting the regional conference for the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE). The conference will include participants from across the country, from over 50 educational institutions.

Profiles in the Art of Living Exhibit

The Profiles in the Art of Living Project is an exhibit of framed portraits and essays that feature some of our non-traditional Edmonds CC students. Some are immigrants and/or new English Language Learners, first generation college students, or at-risk due to financial hardship. Photographs of English 100 level students were taken by our Advanced Photography students. The exhibit is now on the first floor of Mountlake Terrace Hall.

Western Washington Community College Student Mathematics Conference

The fourth annual Western Washington Community College Student Mathematics Conference is scheduled for February 20, 2010 at Edmonds CC. Students from Edmonds CC and colleges around the state will gather to present and attend talks on mathematical subjects and meet fellow students from other institutions.

Workforce Development/BFET Childcare Assistance Fund

The WFD Childcare assistance fund will assist low-income students with barriers to education due to unmet childcare expense needs. This fund will be used to assist student who temporarily will not qualify for DSHS subsidized childcare or who have co-pays or sick childcare expenses not covered by DSHS.