2007-08 Grants

American Bar Association Re-approval Activities

Paralegal Program
The Paralegal Program must be re-approved every seven years by the American Bar Association. This process involves a detailed self-study with exhibits, and then an ABA team visits the college for two days. This grant covers the cost of the site visit.

Book Stipends

Adult Basic Education/GED
In 2007-08, students will participate in group-classes rather than individual-learning labs, which means homework will be given to enhance student learning. This grant helps purchase books for students who cannot afford to buy them.

Adult Basic Education Learning Project

Developmental Education
Funds development of and participation in theme-based learning experiences beyond the confines of the classroom as the department addresses the new Washington State Adult Learning Standards.

Campus Garden Intern

Funds a part-time student intern who will maintain the college's Memorial Garden and the Horticulture Display Garden. The intern is responsible for a variety of caretaking skills, such as weeding, pruning, mulching and fertilizing.

Center for Families Self-Study for National Accreditation

In preparation for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation self-study that begins fall 2007, this grant funds retreats and training to unite staff from the college's Head Start program, Family Life Education, and Center for Families.

Center for Service-Learning

Office of Student Life
The Center supports the creation and implementation of service-learning curriculum and volunteer opportunities for faculty, staff and students. Grant funds transportation for students to/from service sites, supplies for projects, and refreshments during reflection activities and workshops.

Convergence Writing Series

This project brings published writers to campus for readings in both large settings and smaller class sessions. The funding of this series helps students to learn from writers up close, often a first experience for many of our students.

DASA Scholarship Support for Future ACD Counselors

Social & Human Services
This project supports an agreement between the state's Department of Social and Health Services and the college's Alcohol and Substance to promote increased access to low-income ethnic minorities to required college education programs that are necessary to pursue a chemical dependency career.

Democracy in Action: Field Trip to Washington State Capitol

Developmental Education
This grant funds a field trip to the state's capitol field trip, providing an opportunity for students who have not had any previous knowledge of the legislative process. They learn first-hand from lawmakers and others who are integral to the democratic process. Students tour the capitol building, the Supreme Court, and have lunch with local representatives.

Homeless Student Retention Program

Equity & Diversity
This program assists homeless students who do not have the financial means to pay for safe lodging or to refill prescriptions. Having to endure outdoor conditions and locate shelter, on top of the rigorous academic coursework, increases the chances of these students dropping out of college.

Honors Program Faculty Mini-Grants Fund

Political Science/Social Science
This program is used to fund grants for faculty in developing honors curricula. Included are endeavors to provide an enriching and stimulating academic environment; create a community of learners; encourage students to make the best use of campus opportunities; emphasize critical thinking and analytical skills coupled with higher-level expression; and serve as a pathway from remedial and college-prep programs through the college's academic transfer and professional tech programs and out to the four-year transfer institutions and or employment.

How Sustainable is Edmonds CC?

Funding this project helps the college conduct a sustainability assessment to discover where it stands today and establish data points to monitor in the future. It audits and assesses sustainability indicators and establishes the necessary data points that measure its progress.

Human Development Training for Finance & Operations Division

Finance & Operations
This project provides funding for the college's Finance and Operations staff to attend a three-day intensive human element-based workshop.

I-Pods for Audio Access

Services for Students with Disabilities
This project provides an Apple computer to convert Rich Text Format files to MP3 format and download to an iPod allowing students who require materials in audio format to have equal access to those as other students. Additionally, the new computer provides the ability to burn MP3 and MP4 files to a CD so students can have portable files in different formats that can be heard on a CD player or computer, or stored and used via a flash drive.

Learning Disabilities Testing

Developmental Education
This project provides testing for at-risk Developmental Education students in order to document the presence and nature of Learning Disabilities and suggest learning strategies and testing accommodations. Funding covers the costs of consultation with a clinical psychologist for students who cannot afford the fee.

Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots

NS/M, Engineering
The Lego Mindstorm Robots integrate robotics and programming to teach students about the design process, problem solving, teamwork, and communication. Students construct a fully functional model robot to perform specific duties and then test, modify, and optimize their solution. Funding purchases the robot kits, sensors and site license for the software that programs the robots.

Limited English Proficiency Job Fair

This grant provides assistance in defraying the cost of provisions for employers participating in a Limited English Proficiency Job Fair, to be held October 2, 2007, in the TUB. It is anticipated that 200-250 job seekers will attend.

Mountlake Terrace High School Robot Project

Computers, Electronics & Networks
This project supports training and mentoring of Mountlake Terrace High School in the fields of science, engineering, and technology. For 2 years, MTHS has done well in a regional competition of robotics, achieving high awards. This competitive event is high-profile and participation exposes students to educational institutions and employers seeking those with competition experience. Funds provide for fundraising banquet, purchase of materials and competition costs.

Next Steps

Workforce Development
This grant provides instructional materials, provisions and supplies to support student awareness, participation and success in the Opportunity Grant Pilot Program, which assists with tuition and living expenses for students as well as hires a case manager.

Outreach Program for Community Partnership & Student Recruitment

Equity & Diversity
This grant empowers two purposes: to expand outreach into diverse ethnic populations in Snohomish County; to expand partnership with the Diversity Club students at Alderwood Middle School to draw these ethnic students to our college campus and increase potential for them becoming future enrollees.

pARTners in Arts Education

This grant will expand the arts education model at Brier Elementary School with the addition of theater, and will continue the implementation of the principles of the Brier school-wide arts education model in two additional elementary schools, Spruce and Edmonds, with a focus on drawing and dance and theater.

Playwriting Workshop

Theatre Arts
This grant provides a five-week Workshop for Playwrights with award-winning playwright Mara Lathrop at the new Black Box Theatre in January 2008. During this workshop, playwriting students will develop their pre-existing short-form scripts through discussion, writing exercises and readings.

Rolling Tritons Wheelchair Basketball Club

Student Programs/Office of Student Life
This grant provides the Wheelchair Basketball Club team with the necessary specialized adaptive equipment for a safe playing involvement. The chairs specifically needed provide individuals the opportunity to enjoy safe, active recreation. This club develops teamwork, leadership, and mentoring skills.

Self-Study Work for Accreditation Visit Spring 2008

Vice President for Instruction
This grant supports informational materials and refreshments for events that raise awareness, share information and receive input from faculty and support staff in preparation for the 2008 accreditation peer review set visit by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Sno-King Community Chorale and Orchestra Support

Music Department
This grant will fund orchestral accompaniment for the college's annual Sno-King Community Chorale event, a major classical work performed with a full orchestra.

Teaching and Learning Institutes/Workshop Support

Instructional Technology Services
Funds beverages for the Instructional Technology Services Teaching and Learning Institute's quarterly workshops for faculty professional development , which involves 200 participants.

TRiO Student Support Services

This department is funded through a grant from the federal Department of Education. Its goals are to increase retention rates, graduation rates, and the rate of students transferring to four-year institutions. Participants must be low-income, first generation college students, or students with disabilities.

Vignettes on Teaching

Vice President for Instruction
This grant funds monthly in-house workshops utilizing master faculty to guide other members in student engagement and retention.

Westlaw Password Access for Faculty

Funds the cost of ten password accounts for faculty to access the full Westlaw database during the 2007-08 academic year.