2006-07 Grants

Faculty Westlaw Password Access/Paralegal

This project will pay for ten passwords for paralegal faculty to access the full Westlaw database for the 2006-2007 academic year.

DASA Tuition Waiver Support/Social and Human Services

This project will support an agreement with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) that exists with Edmonds CC to promote increased access for low-income ethnic minorities to required college education programs necessary to pursue a chemical dependency professional career.

Community Cable Communication/Visual Comm. LRN RES

This grant is for funding to purchase a new character generator. The character generator provides the text that crawls across the screen giving up to date and accurate information about our programming.

Arts for Kids /Early Childhood Education

This grant is to provide early learners with an opportunity to be exposed to pieces of art-through display in their classroom, and used for instructional curriculum support by early childhood educators.

LAN Server for MSU ABE Lab/Corrections Education

The grant is intended to support the student learning process by funding a capital purchase that cannot be provided from any other source. Computer components will be purchased and assembled to be the server of the local area network (LAN) used in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) lab of the Minimum Security Unit (MSU) of the Monroe Correctional Complex.

Video Production Upgrade /Corrections

This grant will be used to upgrade the video equipment in use in the Interactive Media Program. Currently this program does not have the resources available to meet the Certificate requirements of the programs and these upgrades will allow the Video Department of this program to become self-sufficient.

Edmonds School District Chef School Luncheon /Culinary

Invite local high school students to visit the Culinary Arts program, tour the campus and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Preparing for 2008 Accreditation Site Visit /V.P. for Instruction

This grant will support informational materials and refreshments for the events held that raise awareness, share information, and receive input by faculty and support staff in preparation for this important event.

Espresso Machine for Culinary Arts Dinning Room/Culinary

By introducing the basic elements of espresso service, including intricate "coffee art", to our students we will be giving them additional skills in an increasingly competitive market place.

Physical Education Student Achievement Awards/Physical Education HHS

The program enables and encourages students to select cardiovascular fitness activities to develop lifelong goals and create an environment where personal performance skills are nurtured and enjoyed.

Biz Art Conference Spring 2007/Arts Now Workforce Development and Training

This program will offer workshops led by professional artists, art teachers and business owners providing information about marketing, financing, business operations, fundraising, management and more.

Interview with Writers /Humanities/English

This program will be used to interview writers who visit Edmonds CC as part of the Convergence Writers Series (CWS). The CWS reading and interviews are broadcast on the Edmonds CC cable television station. The interviews add depth and context to the readings.

Campus Child Care /Center for Families, Campus Childcare

The program will further the mission of Edmonds CC Center for Families by maintaining and creasing the training of our staff and teachers and remaining accessible to student parents of all economic levels.

DASA Contract Support Stipend Project /Social and Human Services

This program will reflect the Foundation's ongoing scholarship program and specifically meets the needs of serving ethnically diverse communities, as well as supporting student success in the alcohol chemical dependency field.

Success, Balance, Relationship and Innovation in Math & Science/Tech Prep

The project will develop an educational career pathway in math and science. This pathway will create unified, purposeful linkages between school districts and the College's academic programs; the College's internship and career development programs; and local/regional industry.

Purchase of 50-Pound Capacity Food Smoker/Culinary Arts

This grant intends to accomplish the purchase of a new, 50-pound capacity food smoker designed for both cold and hot smoking of fish, meats, vegetables, cheeses and dried fruits that will be utilized by the students of the Edmonds CC Culinary Arts Department.

Trio Student Support Services/TRIO Support Services

These funds will provide academic services, events and activities to 100% of the students involved in the program. Funding from the Department of Education is primarily limited to personnel costs and does not provide funds for student activities and events.

Learning Disabilities Testing /Developmental Education

These funds will be used to consult with a clinical psychologist, who would then co-sign the documentation which is necessary for the student to receive services from Disabled Student Services, to qualify for the TRIO program, and to receive testing accommodation on the GED.

JAZZ Festival /Music

Sponsorship of Annual Community-wide Event.

Specialty Garden Student Intern/Horticulture and Business

This program will fund a part-time student intern who will maintain two specialty gardens on the Edmonds CC campus. The intern will be responsible for weeding, pruning, mulching, and fertilizing, etc.

Partners in Art/Art and Humanities

This project will expand this arts education model at Brier, Spruce and Edmonds Elementary Schools, with a focus on drawing and dance. The goal is to address and implement Arts EALR standards through long-term relationships and a multi-disciplinary plan to model that include teacher training, artist residencies and curricular development.

AmeriCorps /Anthropology, Humanities and Social Services

Funding will provide transportation of students to and from service sites, purchase of tools and equipment needed for environmental restoration projects in local areas and refreshments during reflection activities after service projects.

Adult Basic Education/ GED Preparation Fieldtrips/ABE-GED /Developmental Education

This program will fund field trips that support the curriculum in the Adult Basic Education and General Education Diploma preparation classes. Faculty will use local resources to enhance the learning in the classroom.

Basic Skills Research Project/Developmental Education

The fund will be used for incentives for students to return to the college after completing a GED to post-test.

Childcare Assistance Grant for GED/HSC/Developmental Education

This is a grant for low-income parents in High School Completion and GED classes who want to transition to college but cannot afford daycare.

Limited English Proficiency Job Fair/WorkFirst

This program is to defray the cost of food for employers participating in a Limited English Proficiency Job Fair.

2nd Annual Community College Women's Conference/Equity and Diversity Center

This program will provide support and recognition of Edmonds CC faculty and staff as leaders in promoting feminism and understanding the issue of diverse communities.

Success Series Workshops and Campus Resources Days/Equity and Diversity

This project supports the learning process of the students by creating workshops that address different issues in student retention.