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The Fire Officer Degree Program Is no Longer Open to New Students

Students previously enrolled in the Fire Officer Degree program at Edmonds College may contact Pam LeMay for information about their program options: plemay@edcc.edu | 425.640.1371.

At this time, no classes are being offered for the Fire Officer AAS-T degree or certificate.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will assist any student who is interested in completing the Fire Officer degree or certificate. Credits may be earned through a partnership with the 2012 King County Officer Development Academy or for IFSAC certification.

Contact Pam LeMay: plemay@edcc.edu | 425.640.1371

Edmonds College has adopted the Washington State Fire Service Education Association Fire Officer Degree Program for fire service personnel. The degree provides a higher education program that enables fire departments, in cooperation with Edmonds College, to develop technically competent fire officers. who are highly skilled in their craft.

The majority of students in this program are professional firefighters who want to improve their general education and fire fighting command expertise. The information, training and education gained from this program will enhance your chance to advance in the fire fighting profession, as well as sharpen your current work skills. Optional IFSAC testing is arranged after appropriate courses. An additional fee is paid directly to the testing agency.

Prior Learning Credit for What You Already Know and Can Do

Credit for what you already know and have learned through previous training (especially by the National Fire Academy or IFSAC certification) may be awarded.

Find out more at www.edcc.edu/priorlearning. Click on Academic Departments and then Fire Office Degree for specific information.

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Edmonds College's Fire Officer AAS-T Degree articulates to the following four-year colleges:

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