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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Status Types

Federal and state regulations require us to impose consequences when students do not maintain SAP. Below is a list of the possible consequences you may receive if you fail to make SAP in any given quarter, and/or in your overall cumulative time here at Edmonds College.

  • Warning Status – When you fail to make SAP you are generally placed on Warning first. However, not all students are given a Warning, even when SAP problems occur for the first time. Use the chart below for exceptions to the assignment of Warning Status. Warning is a notice only. Access to aid for an upcoming quarter is not affected.
Enrollment/Funded Status Required Minimum Completion Warning Status – complete: Termination Status – complete:
Full-Time 12+ credits 12 credits 9-11 credits 8 or less credits
¾ Time 9-11 credits 9 credits 7-8 credits 6 or less credits
½ Time 6-8 credits 6 credits 5 credits 4 or less credits
<½ Time 1-5 credits All Funded Credits N/A Less than all credits
Taking classes outside degree/certificate program   N/A Termination Applied


  • Termination Status – This means your aid is cancelled. Termination happens if:
    • You are on Warning and fail to make SAP
    • We determine you are not making overall Pace
    • You have a cumulative or college level GPA below a 2.0
    • We determine that you cannot complete your degree within the Maximum Time Frame
    • You take classes outside your degree program
    • You owe a repayment of the financial aid funds you received
  • Probation Status – If you are on Termination and successfully petition to have your aid reinstated, you are reinstated to Probation for your next quarter.
  • Ineligible Status – If you are Ineligible, you may not petition for reinstatement until you successfully demonstrate that you are once again making SAP using your own resources. Ineligible Status occurs when:
    • You are on Probation and you fail to make SAP
    • We determine that it is not mathematically possible, based on your overall academic record to raise your overall cumulative and college level GPA to at least a 2.0 within two quarters
    • We determine that it is not mathematically possible to complete your degree within the 150% (125% State) maximum time frame

EdMail: You are required to use it! It is the way we communicate with you.

The college assigns all students EdMail (email) accounts within a couple of days after they register for their first class. Note: if you are a former student returning after time away from school, check with the Enrollment Services Office to confirm what email address we have on file for you. We use the address recorded in the Enrollment Services records. To gain access to your account, follow the steps at edcc.edu/edmail.