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Financial Aid

Financial Aid services forms

Once we receive your FAFSA or WASFA, we will notify you by EdMail to review your Financial Aid Portal for additional documents that are needed. We need all documents that we request on your Portal in order to process your file. In some cases, once we start processing your file, we might need more documents for you to provide to us. Please review your Portal often for any changes. Please check your EdMail regularly for any Financial Aid notifications.

Deadlines are early, so make sure you submit all documents listed in your Portal right away.

Academic Year Quarters Covered Start and End Date
FAFSA (WASFA) 2019-20 Summer 2019-Spring 2020 July 1, 2019-June 19, 2020
FAFSA (WASFA) 2020-21 Summer 2020-Spring 2021 July, 2020-June, 2021