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Once we receive your FAFSA or WASFA, we will notify you by EdMail to review your Financial Aid Portal for additional documents that are needed. We need all documents that we request on your Portal in order to process your file. In some cases, once we start processing your file, we may need more information and will notify you if we need additional documents. Please review your Portal often for any changes and check your EdMail regularly for any Financial Aid notifications.

Deadlines are early, so make sure you submit all documents listed in your Portal right away.

IMPORTANT: Fill out forms for the correct academic year.

Academic Year

Quarters Covered

Start and End Date
FAFSA (WASFA) 2020-2021 October 1, 2019 Summer 2020-Spring 2021 July 1, 2020-June18, 2021
FAFSA (WASFA) 2021-2022 October 1, 2020 Summer 2021-Spring 2022 July 1, 2021-June 18, 2022


Submit Documents
The online document submission will allow you to attach documents and submit them to our office. Once the Financial Aid form has been completed, you will need to save it as a .pdf to submit them online with any other additional documents or fax them to 425.640.1159 (make sure name and student ID are on each page when faxing).

Submit Documents


Form Name Academic Year 2020-21
(Summer 20-Spring 21)
Academic Plan 2020-2021
Consortium Agreement Form 2020-2021
Financial Aid Application FAFSA: English 2020-2021
Financial Aid Application FAFSA: Spanish 2020-2021
Financial Aid Application WASFA (Dreamers, DACA, or HB1079 approved only) 2020-2021
How to Apply for Financial Aid 2020-2021
Information Change Form 2020-2021
Loans: Entrance Counseling Session 2020-2021
Loans: Master Promissory Note (MPN) 2020-2021
Loan Discharge Acknowledgment 2020-2021
Loan Request Form 2020-2021
Maximum Time Frame Appeal 2020-2021
Petition for Reinstatement 2020-2021
Program of Study Codes 2020-2021
Request for Income Recalculation Available August 2020
Request to Apply for Aid Without Parent Info 2020-2021
Scholarship Disbursement Request 2020-2021
1V-Standard Verification 2020-2021
4V-Custom Verification 2020-2021
5V-Aggregate Verification 2020-2021