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Financial Aid Services

Qualification Requirements:

To receive financial aid you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a citizen of the United States or an eligible non-citizen.
  • Have a high school diploma or a GED certificate.
  • Enroll in an approved college degree or certificate program.
  • Be registered with Selective Service if required: male, 18 years old, born after 12/31/59, not currently active in the armed forces.
  • Not owe a repayment on a grant or be in default on any loan received at Edmonds College or any other educational institution.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in program of study, and/or prior program of study regardless of whether or not you received financial aid in the past.
  • Students with a bachelor's degree are eligible for a federal Direct Loan and/or workstudy funds only.
  • Demonstrate financial eligibility based on information provided on the FAFSA, and other documents required by the federal processor, and/or the Edmonds College Financial Aid Office.
  • Must not receive financial aid at another institution during the same period of enrollment.

High School Completion Programs

High School Completion, Running Start, EdCAP, and high school students in general do not qualify for financial aid funds. We award financial aid funds to students who are in an approved college degree program. High school and high school completion programs do not meet requirements.

However, credits earned at Edmonds College are taken into consideration when determining initial financial aid eligibility. Students who failed to make satisfactory academic progress while attending the college and enrolled in a high school completion program may not be eligible for aid. Students in this situation have the option of appealing this decision by petitioning for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.