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Financial Aid Services

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Students are awarded assuming they plan to attend school full-time. Therefore, you must tell us if you plan to attend as a part-time student.
    • You are NOT required to attend school full-time. Most financial aid awards are adjusted for part-time enrollment.
      • Full-time: 12 or more required credits (receive 100% of awarded grant funds)
      • ¾ time: 9 – 11 required credits (receive 75% of awarded grant funds)
      • ½ time: 6 – 8 required credits (receive 50% of awarded grant funds)
      • Less than ½ time: 1 – 5 required credits (receive 25% of awarded grant funds)
    • Loans, workstudy, and tuition waivers require a minimum of six credits each quarter, and the Washington State Need Grant program requires a minimum of three credits.
    • Outside funding agencies may have different enrollment requirements. Check with your agency before you decide to attend school part-time.
  • Complete and submit an Information Change Form if you want to attend school part-time. Loans and workstudy awards are not reduced if you choose to attend school part-time.
  • Our federal census date is the fifth day of each quarter. We cannot adjust the Pell grant, after the fifth day of the quarter – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • We usually disburse funds just prior to the start of the quarter. If you reduce your enrollment status prior to the fifth day of the quarter, return any disbursement of funds you received so we can adjust your grants and recalculate your eligibility.
  • You are required to complete the number of credits you are funded for. If your class is canceled, you drop a class before census, or if you fail to attend a late start class, even for extenuating circumstances, you must take one of the following steps:
    • Register for another required class, or
    • Repay a portion of your financial aid if the missing class results in a lower enrollment level. For example: If you registered for 12 credits and a two credit class is canceled, you must repay the difference between funding at full time and funding at 3/4 time.
  • If your class is cancelled or you do not attend a class, you may also owe a repayment of funds. If you add a class after the census day, you will have to pay for that class out of your own pocket.