Center for Families

Art for Kids

The goal of the "Art for Kids" project is to provide early learners with an opportunity to be exposed to pieces of art — through display in their classroom and used for instructional curriculum support by early childhood educators. The aim is to increase the appreciation of the visual arts in early learners through exposure, experiences, and informal discussion of art pieces. The collection of art is housed at the Edmonds Community College Center for Families, but available to early childhood programs throughout Snohomish County. The goal of this project is to provide an instructional service for both early learners and early childhood teachers in all Snohomish County communities.

Digital photographs of the collection can be viewed by clicking on the below links — please use your web browser BACK button to navigate back to the listing of pieces in the collection.

Pieces from the collection can be checked out by any early childhood program in Snohomish County at no cost for a two week period. To make arrangements to check-out pieces from the collection, please call 425.640.1662

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The "Art for Kids" project has been funded by the Edmonds Community College Foundation and the Edmonds Art Festival Foundation.