Expanding Your Horizons

2018 Workshops

Below is a list of all the workshops available at the 2018 Expanding Your Horizons conference.

Workshop Title Workshop Description Presenter(s) Presenter(s) Employer
A Safari into Genomes What does a geneticist actually do? Come learn what genes make you unique and how you could change the world as a geneticist! Women in Genome Sciences - are girls in graduate school (17th-21st grade) at the University of Washington Genome Sciences studying topics ranging from the genetic basis of diseases, to the genetic diversity of life, and to developing new genomic tools and techniques. University of Washington
Technology Meets Art See how technology has enhanced the medium of theater lighting. Learn how a lighting designer works through a show to create mood and atmosphere with light. Kristi Matthews is a professional Lighting Designer and Stage Manager. She holds a BA from Seattle Pacific University in Theatre Production and English and spends her days teaching and working in schools and theatres in the Pacific Northwest. Self Employed
Computer Logic Scavenger Hunt Curious about how computers are so smart or what makes them not-so smart? Come join us for a scavenger hunt that will explore the basics of computer logic that power applications like Facebook and Google. Shruti Mokate is an aspiring UW Computer Science and Business major. She has participated in many Physics, Math and Informatics Olympiads back in India. Apart from studying, Shruti also draws, dances, sings Indian music, plays the keyboard, and loves being around people. Student at UW
STEM in My World Students will complete comparisons between home economics and aerospace manufacturing and measure results Rosemary Brester is President and Chief Executive officer of Hobart Machined Products, Inc. In addition to Aerospace, Space, Defense related products Hobart’s solutions approach to business has engaged Rosemary in a breadth of long term world-wide customer relationships and product challenges in the medical, automotive, and electronic industries. Hobart Machined Products, Inc.
CSI: Expanding Your Horizons In this session, you will use gel electrophoresis to determine which suspects are likely innocent and which suspects should be further investigated. We will discuss what happens on CSI, what is realistic and what is not. Penny Lefavour currently teaches Biology, Biotechnology, STEM English 12 for STEM Diploma Students. Previously, she was a bench scientist working with DNA/histones, and performed field research on woodpeckers. She has also toured Europe and sang with a vocal jazz ensemble. She studied at 5 different colleges! STEM Teacher
The Amazing Brain The brain is the most complex organ in the body. It is the command center for every other organ and controls how we experience and interact with the world around us. Learn how the brain works and discover what happens when something goes wrong. Jennifer Nyland earned her PhD in Neuroscience at Pennsylvania State University. She is an expert in behavioral neuroscience and has studied pain, addiction, reward, and behavioral health in humans and animals. She is currently a Staff Scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute
Data, Data, Everywhere! Learn how data is impacting our lives and how you can develop career using this data and around it. Bonus: Learn about working at Amazon! Simmi Parmar is a software engineer with 5 years of industry experience. She currently works for Amazon, where she wrote software to makes sure the world’s largest network is always up and running. She is inspired by the many successful female engineers and has two masters in the field of computer science. Amazon
The DNA Building Blocks Learn how to decode the building blocks every living organism DNA. We’ll explore the basics of how DNA shapes our existence and how genetic mutation can occur. Caitlin Reinhart is a Biomarker Data Specialist II at Seattle Genetics Inc. She has a Bachelors in of Science in Biological Sciences from Virginia Tech. She gets to oversee and process data related to clinical trials with the hope of using new therapies to help patients live longer and better lives. Seattle Genetics Inc.
Sanding the Sprout Have you ever wondered how seeds actually sprout? Are you interested in learning more about plants and careers in the Horticulture field? We we will be working with seeds that have hard seed coats and using different methods to break up the seed coat so the seed can sprout. Step into the world of horticulture in this workshop and grow into a Horticulturist. Kelsey Schoen is a graduate of Edmonds Community College. She has her AA degree in Ornamental Horticulture and has worked in wholesale nurseries, working in crop management, propagation, crop care, transplant, and research development. Edmonds CC
Secrets of a Dolphin Scientist Explore the world of marine mammal science and conservation. Discover the skills needed for a career studying and protecting marine wildlife. We will introduce you to the variety of careers in this field and will dive into a day in the life of a dolphin and whale scientist Erin Ashe received a PhD from the University of St Andrews, Scotland and is co-founder of Oceans Initiative. The primary focus of her PhD research is the ecology of Pacific white-sided dolphins in the Pacific Northwest. Her research is motivated by a desire to use science to make tangible conservation impacts. Oceans Initiative
Exploring the World of Sports Medicine Using various everyday items, we are going to explore loads and forces and how they differ. We will relate these outcomes to the body and how it corresponds to different types of bodily tissues. Saboora Deen teaches in the Edmonds School District. Edmonds School District
How Things Work Learn science hands-on by taking apart and putting back together appliances. Edmonds CC’s SWE (Society of Women Engineers) supports the motion of females in STEM, with a focus in engineering. Edmonds CC
The Nose Knows How well can you smell? Come learn how the nose functions and the importance of chemical molecules behind smell. Dr. Reitha Weeks has a PhD in Genetics from UW. She has worked in the biotech industry and now she works for Shoreline Community College as coordinator for their biotech summer camps for high school students. Shoreline CC
Who Keeps Structures From Collapsing? Come learn what structural engineers do with a hands-on beam activity! Givens Lam graduated from the UW and work as a structural engineer at KPFF Consulting Engineers. She has worked on shoring, seismic retrofit, and tower projects; her favorite part about her job is knowing her work keeps people safe. KPFF Consulting Engineers
Fun with Finances – You Just Won $10,000! What if you just now won $10,000? What would you do with it? What could you do with it? What is $10,000 really worth anyway? No matter how much money you make or how old you are it is important to understand how to manage your finances. Crystal Flaten works as a Financial Examiner at the WA State Department of Financial Institutions. She teaches finance topics to K-12th grade students around the state. WA State Department of Financial Institutions
The Secret Life of Plankton Engage in the work of a marine biologist by studying the base of the marine food chain. Learn how to catch these free floating critters, observe plankton under the microscope and create models that replicate their lifestyle. Ardi Kveven is the founder of the Ocean Research College Academy at EvCC. She is the captain of the 39 foot Research Vessel Phocoena. She a bachelor’s degree in Biology (UW) and a master’s in marine science education (WWU). Everett CC
It's a Vet's Life Students will have the opportunity to see what it takes to become a veterinarian and what the day in the life of a community veterinarian practice is like Dr. Jennene Rehberger is a licensed veterinarian at Perrinville Animal Hospital located in Edmonds, Washington. Her days consist of treating dogs and cats from the extent of basic wellness exams and vaccines, treating animals when they are sick, performing surgical procedures and communicating with owners that their companions are in the best care. Perrinville Animal Hospital
Virus Hunters Girls will explore the basics of immunology and how the body fights invaders like bacteria and viruses. They will also explore how researchers identify viruses through gel electrophoresis using the colored candy as an example "pathogen Amy Stone got her Bachelor’s degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the U of Colorado. She is currently studying innate immune responses to RNA viruses and leads the Education and Outreach Program. University of Washington
Let What You Do, Be What You Love Discover how I found my passion as a marine scientist, traveled the world (while getting paid for it!), and how YOU can too! With a background in marine biology and environmental education, Chelsea Behymer travels the world by cruise ship as an onboard Marine Naturalist, where she studies and teaches passengers about marine life and natural history. Marine Naturalist
You CAN Predict the Future Knowing what to expect helps us make decisions and take calculated risks.   As a team we will look at problems involving everyday objects and situations. Zoe Gouin is an Associate Vice President and Actuary at Symetra. She has focused on retirement product modeling and analysis for over 10 years. Zoe enjoys time with her family, travel, and the outdoors. Symetra
ChemE in Color Come learn about the wonders about of chemical engineering. Explore reaction kinetics, separation techniques, and heat transfer as we discover potential careers in chemical engineering. Gabriella Tosado is a PhD student in chemical engineering and nanoengineering. Gaby works at the clean energy institute and researches new types of solar energy. Gaby is passionate about women in STEM. Clean Energy Institute
Nursing Careers Why do people choose a nursing career? What character traits do people need to be successful in a nursing career? What is training like? What about the working conditions? Lori Cross loves working with people and wanted an active job that was also mentally challenging.  She liked the fact that she could find a job anywhere in the country or even around the world.  
Rollercoaster Race Think, Build, and Test like an Engineer! Learn fundamental engineering skills while challenging other students to a roller coaster race full of twists and turns. SWE is a non-profit, whose mission is to stimulate women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity. Society of Women Engineers
Ships, Sealife & Immersion Suits: Come and life as a Marine Biologist. Learn how to keep the oceans healthy and fish stocks sustainable. Experience hands on instruction for donning immersion suits and survival at sea. The Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division (FMA) plays a vital role in conservation and management of groundfish and halibut fisheries. The program ensures that the data collected by observers are of the highest quality possible. Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division
Bicycles, Skateboards, and Rollerblades Learn how civil engineers and landscape architects design parks, trails, and streets for people on wheels. Join us as we interactively explore about how engineers, planners, and landscape architects make design decisions about the location and types of bicycle facilities that are comfortable for all users. Amalia Leighton is a civil engineer and planner with Toole Design Group and is the Office Director in Seattle, WA. Toole Design Group is a national leader in making walking and bicycling possible for every trip. Amalia attended EYH when she was in middle school.

Toole Design Group


Electrochemistry – Real Modern Alchemy Find out what it’s like to be a Materials Engineer for a day by manufacturing your own metal coatings with an electrochemical process. Learn about metals processing and find out what other exciting careers exist in the rapidly growing world of materials science. Leslie Collison is the Systems Director at Modumetal, Inc. She has a BSE in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Princeton) and is currently working on her Masters in Industrial & Systems Engineering (UW).


From Creative Spark to Published Project: Communicating STEM Concepts

This presentation will be a demonstration of creating an online presentation, eLearning course and/or infographic. We will begin with tactics to brainstorm ideas, finding inspiration in sources such as fairy tales, myths, and music. We will discuss how to build a foundation of materials that can be re-used and updated thematically as needed. We'll finish with a discussion of tools and techniques, such as incorporating free music and DIY artwork, to give training modules a unique style.

  1. Train yourself to find creative inspiration in music, fairy tales, and myths.
  2. Explore ways to build foundational content that can be re-used and re-themed across projects.
  3. Learn basics about tools and resources that can be leveraged to create a unique style.
Melissa Albin-Wurzer is an Information Security Analyst and certified Cyber Security Forensic Analyst at the University of Washington. Her role in the UW Office of the Chief Information Security Officer includes delivery of security education, training, and awareness program using a variety of learning options to serve a diverse University community. She draws upon inspiration from movies, music, and myths to develop training content with a memorable and distinctive style.

University of Washington