Enrollment Services

2014-15 Important Registration Dates

Event Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Spring 2015
Quarter Begins. Instructor signature needed to register for all math classes and English 100, &101, &102. July 2 Sept. 22 Jan. 5 April 6
Last day online registration available for adding classes. – Drop classes online through 100% refund date. July 7 Sept. 24 Jan. 7 April 8
Last day for a 100% refund.
Self-support classes have different dates – see class schedule.
Last day to drop classes online.
July 9 Sept. 26 Jan. 9 April 10
Last day to drop a class without a transcript entry. After this date: Late Petition required to register unless otherwise posted in schedule. July 15 Oct. 3 Jan. 16 April 17
Last day for 50% refund.
Self-support classes have different dates – see class schedule.
July 21 Oct. 10 Jan. 23 April 24
Last day to withdraw from a class.
Last day to add a continuous enrollment class.
Last day to change credit/audit status - with instructor's permission.
Aug 8 Nov. 7 Feb. 20 May 22
Registration for next quarter begins (see Assigned Registration Times for more info) May 28
Summer and Fall 2014
Nov. 12 Feb. 24 May 26
Summer and Fall 2015

EdMail: You are required to use it! It is the way we communicate with you.

The college assigns all students EdMail (email) accounts within a couple of days after you register for your first class. Note: if you are a former student returning after time away from school, check with the Enrollment Services Office to confirm what email address we have on file for you. We use the address recorded in the Enrollment Services records. To gain access to your account, follow the steps at www.edcc.edu/edmail.