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Replacing a Card

What to Do When a Central Connection Card is Lost, Stolen or Destroyed

If Your Central Connection Card is Lost or Stolen:

If your Central Connection Card is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately to EdPass Card Services by telephone at: 425.640.1143 or by email edpass@edcc.edu or you can stop by EdPass Card Services during regular business hours to report the loss to an EdPass Card Services staff member.

Replacing a Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Central Connection Card: If Central Connection Card is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged, you may need to pay a Replacement Fee before a new card can be made. Please contact EdPass Card Services for more information.

The current replacement fee for a card is $30.00. Replacement fees for a new card can be paid at the EdPass Card Services Office or at the Cashiers Office in Lynnwood Hall.