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Central Connection Card Access

Using your Central Connection Card as a Keycard to Access Campus Premises

If you are a Central Washington University (Lynnwood Center) staff and faculty member who meets the standard Central Connection Card Access requirements, you can get your Central Connection Card encoded for use as a keycard to access Edmonds College campus premises.

Standard Central Connection Card Access Requirements:

In order to meet the standard Central Connection Card Access requirements, you must complete an "Edmonds College/CWU Building Access Form." This form has been saved as a MS Word document and can be found in the EdPass folder on the U-Drive. When this form has been filled out in its entirety and signed and dated by you, you will need to give it to your Area Administrator (usually your supervisor) for approval. If your need to access campus premises is approved by this authority, they will sign and dated the form and deliver the form to the Appropriate Vice President for further approval.

Getting Your Central Connection Card Encoded for Use as a Keycard:

Once your "Edmonds College/CWU Building Access Form" has been completed, approved, signed and dated by the indicated authorities it will be sent to EdPass Card Services. A staff member at EdPass Card Services will then contact by via e-mail regarding your Central Connection Card Access status.

If you have any further questions regarding EdPass Card Access, please contact EdPass Card Services during regular business hours.