Creative Retirement Institute

Message from CRI Advisory Board Chair

Dear Inquirer into CRI:

Let me tell you a bit about the Creative Retirement Institute (CRI), an enlightening source of adult learning!

The chief goal of CRI is to offer educational opportunities to adults over age 50 (but not
limited to that). The organization is supported by Edmonds Community College which, among many other things, has provided it with a most energetic and resourceful Program Coordinator.

Nevertheless, CRI is mainly the product of the volunteer efforts of its members – who find the instructors for its classes and then provide assistants to help the teachers in class and to set up and run any audio/visual equipment that might be needed, who establish a budget and monitor expenses, who create table decorations for the luncheons that kickoff each quarter and organize a summer social for members, who spread the good news about CRI and seek new members, who maintain this website and publish class brochures and other CRI materials, and who advise and talk over issues with the Program Coordinator.

CRI prides itself on offering short college-level courses in a wide variety of subjects: courses on art and music, on literature (classic and contemporary), on history (ancient to recent, local to world), courses in philosophy and religion, in the sciences, on politics, on issues current both to Puget Sound and across the globe. No subject is so controversial that it cannot receive a fair discussion in CRI classrooms.

CRI classes are rewarding not only to its students but also to its instructors. We are able to get the very best teachers because they jump at the opportunity to teach students who want to learn and who bring a lifetime of experience to the classroom. (Or is it just that those CRI instructors have no exams to give or papers to correct?)

But CRI also has its social side. Members are eager to join in classroom discussions and enjoy working with others on various CRI committees. Each quarter begins with a special buffet luncheon on the college campus which allows members to greet and eat and then listen to an interesting guest speaker. During the summer there is an off-campus social so CRI members can keep in contact.

As you can see, CRI has a lot to offer. I invite you to sign up for one or two courses and give it a try. I am certain you will be glad you did and will want to become a member. (Members receive even greater rewards: priority in class registration, discounts on CRI luncheons, some free classes, a members directory, a newsletter, and other perks.) You will also discover why CRI is such a successful and unique organization.

Hope to see you in class.

Robert Bates
Chair, CRI Advisory Board