Credentials and Evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my degree or certificate to show up on my transcript?

Degrees and certificates are posted and will show up on transcripts within two weeks after the last day of final exams each quarter (with the exception of late or recent applicants).

Will I be notified if I didn't graduate?

You will be notified if you fail to meet all of your program requirements (i.e., you have not completed the cultural diversity (CD) or intermediate algebra proficiency requirements or you are missing a necessary verification form). However, if you do not pass or you withdraw from a class, you will not be notified.

I graduated and the degree/certificate shows up on my transcript. Now what?

Look for your printed diploma or certificate to arrive in the mail within six weeks of transcript posting.

I need an official transcript. When can I get that?

Order your official transcript. As there are many requests each quarter, it may take time to get them printed and in the mail. Please be patient.

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply for graduation?

Yes, apply now, but expect the process to take some time. Our office is concentrating on awarding the degrees and certificates already applied for at this time.

2014-15 Deadlines

The deadlines for submitting graduation applications are:

  • Summer – July 15
  • Fall – October 3
  • Winter – January 16
  • Spring – April 17

Please submit applications ONLY in the quarter you are graduating. You'll need to pay a program completion fee.

Graduation Application

Once you are close to completing your degree or certificate, you must apply for graduation to have your degree or certificate posted to your transcript and receive your diploma. Find out more about the graduation application process.

Transcript Evaluation

Have you earned college level credits at a technical school, college or university? Do you want those credits to apply toward a certificate or degree? Find out more about transcript evaluation.

What's the difference between graduation and commencement?

Graduation is the process you go through to have your degree posted to your transcript. Commencement is an annual ceremony (held in June) where we honor your academic accomplishments.

Who can participate in Commencement?

If you are completing Edmonds CC degrees and/or certificates – excluding certificates of completion (COCs) – you can participate. If you will complete a degree or certificate summer quarter, you can participate in the commencement ceremony prior to you graduation. To do so, apply for graduation during spring quarter and write "Commencement" in the Student Comments field in your application.

More Info

For more information call the Graduation, Credentials Information, and Commencement Information Line: 425.640.1459. Press Option 6 and follow the menu prompts.