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Self-Help Resources

Other Self-Help Resources

AA-Alcoholics Anonymous: 425.252.2525

Community Resources Information Line or call 211 

Washington Recovery Helpline: 1.866.789.1511

Teen Recovery Helpline: 1.866.833.6546 (every evening 6-10 p.m.

Coordinated Legal Education, Advice and Referral (CLEAR): 1.888.201.1014

Crime Stoppers: 1.800.CRIME13 or 1.800.274.6313

HIV/AIDS Hotlines: 1.800.342.AIDS (national); 1.800.272.AIDS (state)

Non Profit Consumer Credit Counseling: 1.800.634.2227

Poison Information Hotline: 1.800.222.1222

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Program

Snohomish County Family Law Facilitator Program: 425.388.3795