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What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of being incredibly uneasy, apprehensive, worried, filled with dread, about what might happen. In cases of clinical anxiety, the feared event or circumstance rarely happens.

What is the Difference Between Fear and Anxiety?

If you were walking down the street and saw a lion chasing you, your reaction would, sensibly, be tremendous fear. If you felt the same intense fear when you saw a lion at the zoo, safely in a cage where it can’t possibly get to you; your reaction would be called anxiety.

What are the kinds of Anxiety Disorders and signs to look for?

Panic Disorder

Someone who suffers from panic disorder experiences intense anxiety that seems to hit without cause.
Signs (symptoms) include:

Panic disorder can occur along with agoraphobia ("fear of open places"), in which the person is anxious about being in places or situations where escape might be difficult or embarrassing, or where help might not be available if panic occurs.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The person experiences a great deal of anxiety about a number of events or activities (such as school or work performance).
Other signs include these:

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Can involve obsessions only, compulsions only, or both.

Often, the person recognizes that the obsessions or compulsions are excessive or unreasonable. They cause great discomfort and interfere with the person's academic, work, or social life and relationships.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This is a delayed reaction to a traumatic event, such as a war experience, car crash, or violent attack or abuse.
Signs of PTSD might include the following:

Anxieties specific to college environment

What can help someone with anxiety?

Clinical anxiety is very treatable! Here are resources that you or someone you know can use to cope with excessive anxiety:


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