Student Speaker: Leah Carter

Commencement student speaker Leah CarterLeah Carter first attended Edmonds CC in winter quarter of 2013, after attending Salt Lake Community College in Utah. She had no idea what to study and didn’t know anyone in the area. She chose Edmonds CC because they were one of the only community colleges with housing, a rare find in community colleges.

Before college, Carter attended six different high schools, so she learned not to get too comfortable when it came to a new school; however, when she found Edmonds CC, it quickly became clear to her this would be an experience like none other and it felt like a home.

“I made a family here out of caring instructors and faculty, my lively coworkers, and the bubbly and thriving student body,” said Carter. “The professors here were not just teachers but life coaches and cheerleaders. They don’t just care about the grades, but how your life is going.”

Carter served as a Resident Assistant in Rainier Place — Edmonds CC student residence hall — helping fellow students and enjoyed connecting with a large variety of students, instructors, and the wider college network.

“This has been the most rewarding experience,” said Carter. “By taking this position, I accepted a role of responsibility and leadership, which I have enjoyed learning from and stepping up to.”

Although Carter learned many things through her experiences at Edmonds CC, the piece of advice that resonated most with her was from her father. “It is far better to be a big fish in a small sea, than a small fish in a big sea.”

This advice from her father highly reflected her time at Edmonds CC, because she got to stand out and be recognized here — opportunities she felt she never could have received at a bigger university.

“Little did I realize it, but I created something I will miss dearly when I transfer to a four-year school in the fall.”

After graduating from Edmonds CC with an Associate in Arts, Carter hopes to pursue psychology as a major. Her dream job is in negotiations, working on a unit to help talk people experiencing crisis out of life threatening situations.