Student Speaker: Cindy Leung

Cindy Leung

Cindy, who was born in Los Angeles, was studying in a high school in Hong Kong when a friend recommended Edmonds CC. She wanted to continue her education and decided that Edmonds CC had just the right program.

The Edmonds Career Access Program (EdCAP) turned out to be one of Cindy's best experiences. "They offered me a lot of support and guidance during my high school years," she said.

It was just the start Cindy needed. She was able to continue on and is now earning the Associate of Arts transfer degree so that she can continue with her passion for learning.

While she doesn't know what her dream job is at this point, she knows that she wants to get a bachelor's degree because she wants "to be more intellectually competent before going out into the scary real world."

The encouragement she received from Edmonds CC's instructors prepared her well and she gained valuable leadership experience as well. Cindy worked as the Executive Officer for Clubs in student government. She said this was one of her best experiences because she "got to express concerns on behalf of the student body and make positive changes at the school."

Cindy Leung: Commencement 2014 Speech

Cindy Leung

Good evening. My name is Cindy. I am a student, just like you. Graduates, esteemed faculty and administrative staff, families, and friends, good evening and congratulations to the Edmonds CC Class of 2014. I am truly honored and grateful to speak to you tonight. Thank you!

When I was nominated as one of the student speakers, I decided to handle this very seriously. So late last night, I began, after chugging two cans of red bull, to write this speech.

Relax, because tonight I am going to suffocate you with a lot of empty clichés. Because I know you'll probably forget all of this right after you bite into your burger from Dick's tonight.

So, what does the fine class of 2014 want to hear from me?

I am not experienced enough to give you any advice. In many ways, I learned from you. All I can tell you today is what I have discovered on this journey of becoming a citizen of the world.

Number 1: Everything eventually ends. The final chapter of a great book, the beautiful sunset at the beach, the last day of summer. Today is the day to say goodbye to the familiar faces and to step into the unknown, facing all the possibilities life has to offer. Put down your phones and look at those who have supported you, every step of the way in this journey of yours, and say thank you, because today you would not be sitting here without their love and support.

Especially thank your parents. They are the people who have mortgaged their dreams and pay off your student loan. So, be kind when, in a few months, they start an awkward conversation with you and slightly hint that you should think about moving out of their basement.

Number 2: Be a force of nature. I had a friend a couple years ago. His name is Harry. Harry knew he was a little different. He didn't have any friends and he had to live under the staircase in his uncle's house. He was recruited to one of the finest schools and, although his family was against it, he chose to take a risk and put his faith in a giant who intentionally broke into his house. Ever since, he managed to get through dozens of near-death experiences and survived.
Everyone of you is a Harry Potter, waiting to happen. Like Harry, be resilient, be unstoppable, be a force of nature. As you leave Edmonds Community College and go into that big scary world, ask yourself: Do you have what it takes to defeat Lord Voldemort

Number 3: No one knows what comes next. I turned 19 last summer and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. At times, this bothers me because it seems that everyone around me has their life in order, and their "lifetime goals" already accomplished and I've got nothing. But, mostly, I realize that there is only one thing I should be scared of: people who have their life in order and have already achieve their lifetime goals at 19 years old. No one knows what comes next.

In reality, most of the decisions that we choose to make are not about life and death, but please do your best to avoid driving next to a drunk driver on I-5 at night.

No one knows what's going to happen next. Do something that makes you feel great and a bit uncomfortable, like jumping off a cliff, naked.

Graduates! You're all here because you are intelligent and unafraid to challenge yourself. And if you add kindness, a sense of humor, and the ability to cook and drive in the snow, you will be as perfect a human being that one can be.

Today is the day of celebration.

Good luck to you all! Thank you!