Congratulations to our 2013 Graduates!

"Edmonds Community College's 2013 commencement ceremony honored our graduates, their families, and their friends. We applaud our graduates' hard work, talent, and persistence as they begin to realize their unlimited potential. They have taken a great step toward a brighter future.

"Benjamin Franklin famously wrote: 'An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.' We agree.

"We value the motivation of our graduates and eagerly look forward to the contributions they will make as industry and civic leaders, entrepreneurs, volunteers, lifelong learners, and members of our local and global community."

—  Edmonds Community College President Jean Hernandez.
On behalf of everyone at Edmonds Community College, we wish our graduates continued success in their education and careers.

Graduating Class of 2013 - By the Numbers

  • 2,105 degrees, certificates, diplomas, and GEDs
    (1,694 without GED® count included)
  • 35 percent earned college transfer degrees
    (740 degrees)
  • 41 percent earned career degrees or certificates
    (867 degrees and certificates)
  • 24 percent completed GEDs or high school diplomas
    (411 GEDs, plus 87 diplomas for a total of 498)
  • 30 - average age of graduates
  • 55 percent female
  • 45 percent male
  • 18 percent international students
  • 77 - age of oldest graduate, Advanced Paralegal Certificate
  • 17 - age of youngest graduate, Associate in Pre-Nursing

Information based on May 2013 data.