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Career Action Center

Resume Checklist

Name and Address Yes No
Your name stands out clearly (i.e., bold, larger font, caps)?    
Your address includes a zip code?    
Your phone number includes an area code?    
Your e-mail address is included (if relevant)?    
If you use an objective, is it clearly stated?    
Work experience and education are listed in reverse    
chronological order, (i.e., most recent listed first)?    
Margins at sides and bottom are at least one inch wide?    
You show accomplishments, not just a list of what you did?    
You chose an appropriate resume format (functional or chronological)?    
All items not relevant to your job objective have been edited out?    
Your wording is clear and concise?    
The grammar and punctuation are correct and consistent throughout?    
There are no spelling errors?    
You avoided personal pronouns (I, me, my)?    
Sentences or phrases begin with action verbs?    
The resume fits comfortably on one page?    
You used bullets or boxes to highlight important information?    
Overall appearance invites the reader to look at it in more detail?    
Your strong "selling points" are clearly communicated?    
Resume is laser printed on good quality paper?    
Resume demonstrates your ability to make a contribution?    
Feedback from several people confirms your resume is a good advertisement for your qualifications?    
Electronic Formats
You've created a text only version for Internet use?