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Content of the Resume

Name, Address and Phone

Select an attractive format for your name, address, and phone number. Include an e-mail address if you have one. Bold and capitalize your name, using a slightly larger point size than the address.

Objective (optional)

An objective statement tells the reader what job you seek. It provides focus for the information that follows. Don’t expect the employer to figure out what position you want; they don’t have the time. It’s not imperative that you include an objective statement in the resume; it can be included in the cover letter instead.

Here are two common formats:

State the type of position:

Computer Service Technician
Medical Secretary
Legal Assistant

Describe skills you want to use:

A position utilizing Office Management, Access Database, and Customer Service Skills

Qualifications or Highlights (optional)

List your skills and personal attributes (i.e. organized, accurate). Use a box format or bullets to draw attention to this section.

Technical Skills (optional)

List your technical or specialized skills (i.e. computer repair skills, hardware knowledge, machines you can use, etc.). If the list is lengthy, format the information in columns or categories so it’s easy to read. Another option is creating a Software Skills section to showcase extensive knowledge of software programs.

Technical Knowledge  
Hardware IBM PC (XT through 486), Apple Macintosh
Operating Systems MS DOS, (3.1 through 6.22), MS-Windows (3.0 through 3.10), Macintosh, PICK
Microsoft Access, Revelations, Word Perfect, Word, Excel, Power Point, Mail, Quarto Pro, Paradox, PageMaker, Novel Netware 3.11


Show certificates and degrees you have received. Include the graduation date if within the past five years. When your graduation is in the future, list the degree and college, followed by parenthesis showing the date, i.e. (expected June 1997). For degrees earned more than ten years ago, omit the date. Include your grade point when it’s 3.5 or above. If you have no related job experience, list relevant college classes as a way to show your skills and knowledge.


A.T.A. Paralegal, Edmonds College (GPA 3.6)1997

Courses included: Litigation Practice, Real Estate and Property Law, Commercial Transactions, Evidence, Law Office Management, Interviewing and Investigation Techniques, Advanced Legal Writing and Research.

Work Experience (including Internships)

List your job history, including internships. Include the position title, name of organization and dates of employment. As a general guideline, provide a maximum of ten years experience, unless earlier work is highly relevant to your current search. Your work history can be arranged in chronological order or by skills and functions. Refer to the Chronological vs. Functional section for suggestions on choosing a format.

Awards, Licenses, Associations, Community Involvement (optional)

These are optional sections. Awards can be included in the Accomplishments section, but if you have an extensive list, a separate section will draw more attention to them. Show your community service if it demonstrates skills related to the job you want.