Internship Program

Overview of the Internship Process

What Is an Internship and Why Should You Have One?

  • Internships provide you an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience and to grow new business contacts
  • An internship helps you bridge classroom learning with work experience to gain practical skills and knowledge in your field of interest
  • Internships can make you more competitive in the job market
  • More than 50% of all internships lead to employment
  • Internships allow you to develop your own learning objectives and earn college credit for your work (1 credit = 30 hours, 2 credits = 60 hours and 3 credits = 90 hours, etc.)
  • Your internship can be full- or part-time, paid or unpaid and you will receive an S/U grade (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory)

What Kind of Internship Do You Want?

  • Match the internship to your career goals
  • Choose an internship which will challenge you and increase your skills
  • Schedule informational interviews with local businesses
  • Start/continue networking (Instructors, Guest Speakers, Business People, Advisors, etc.)

When Should You Start the Internship Search to Secure Your Internship?

  • Begin your internship search 1-2 quarters before your scheduled internship quarter
  • Secure your internship placement before the start of your scheduled internship quarter

Research Internship Opportunities

  • Use the Edmonds CC Career Action Center (CAC) and library resources
  • Do company/industry research and make a list of target companies which interest you
  • Read trade publications and local newspapers
  • Research the Edmonds CC job/internship website: or use any other internet job search engines available
  • Helpful Hint: many job openings can be turned into an internship

Build Your Résumé

  • Know what skills are required for the internship you want
  • Learn about the transferable skills and experience you already have
  • Build your skills by taking college courses in your area of interest
  • Drop into MLT 138 for a résumé critique  (425.640.1385)
  • Post your résumé on College Central Network's website:

Write Cover Letters and Phone Follow-up

  • Address each company’s skill requirements
  • Write and send cover letters with your résumé to your contacts until you secure the internship
  • Follow-up with each of your contacts by phone to secure an interview

Interview and Follow-up

  • Know the company – do your research!
  • Practice your answers to common questions
  • Look and dress appropriately
  • Be confident and enthusiastic
  • Write a thank-you letter and mail it immediately after each interview

Accept the Internship and Obtain the Registration Codes

Many departments offer internships:

  • Business - BUS 290 & 291
  • Business Information Technology –  BSTEC 291
  • Family Support Studies – FFS 220
  • Horticulture – HORT 291
  • Paralegal – LEGAL 291
  • Social and Human Services - SHS 271 

Most of these courses require proof of internship before enrollment is allowed. Contact your specific program advisor regarding the registration guidelines and credits needed to satisfy your certificate or degree.

To Register and Complete the BUS 290 & 291 Internship

  • Visit the Career Action Center, first floor Mountlake Terrace Hall room 130, to obtain the registration codes for BUS 290 “Professional Development Seminar” and BUS 291 “Business Internship”
  • Students must enroll concurrently in BUS 290 “Professional Development Seminar” and BUS 291 “Business Internship”
  • Review your academic planning sheet and sign up for the credits needed to satisfy your certificate or degree
  • Meet for two on-campus classes for introductions and presentations
  • Complete all internship credit hours and assignments throughout your scheduled internship quarter

Other helpful career-related courses at Edmonds CC

  • BSTEC 294 “Career Management”
  • CCLS 111 “Career/Life Planning”
  • JOBDV 110 “Résumés and Interviewing”

Chuck Loomis, Internship Instructor, BUS 290 and BUS 291
Phone: 425.640.1066 • Email: