College-Wide Abilities (CWAs)

Edmonds Community College offers opportunities to integrate knowledge and skills in order to reason clearly; communicate and interact respectfully; explore critically and creatively; and act responsibly. Emphasizing these core, college-wide abilities provides a consistent educational focus that encourages students and members of the college community to develop knowledge, habits and skills for lifelong learning.

Students, who earn any of our two-year degrees or shorter-term certificates, have many opportunities across the curriculum to develop and apply college-wide abilities in preparation for their roles in an increasingly diverse, information-driven society.

Communicate and interact respectfully through critical and imaginative expression

Act responsibly, both individually and collaboratively, within changing environments

Reason clearly using varied analytic and creative approaches

Explore critically and creatively the diversity of cultures, ethics, values, and ways of thinking across communities

Revised CWAs Approved May 17, 2010

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