Acing College

Access to College

This is a program designed to assist middle through high school students with college and career planning. Edmonds CC will partner with counselors, teachers, and administrators, as a resource to help promote thinking beyond high school. This program will address what student can do throughout their time in middle school and high school to prepare for a degree/certificate that will lead to the career they want.

Ways we can participate with your schools:

  1. Give presentations at your school
  2. Attend college and career fairs
  3. Host events:

2016-17 Resource Tables

At select high schools, we will have a college information table where an Edmonds CC staff member will be available as a resource to help you with any college to career related inquiries you may have. Check with your College and Career Center for details. 

We will also be able to assist you with receiving college credit, either by staying in your High School, or by taking classes on the Edmonds CC campus, via the following Dual Enrollment programs:

  • Running Start
  • College in the High School
  • Tech Prep