About our College

A Message from the President

Dr. Amit B. SinghOn behalf of our Board of Trustees and employees, I want to officially welcome you to Edmonds Community College. Each year, we welcome more than 18,000 students to our campus and take pride in being a diverse, globally-minded campus with community heart. Our doors are open to all. You are now part of the Triton family, and we are here to support you as you navigate the college journey and set goals for your future.

At Edmonds CC, we are committed to inspiring excellence – every day. We do this by helping create opportunities for you to challenge yourself and exceed your expectations. Whether through classroom instruction, support services, or student activities, helping you create a foundation for your success is our priority. With more than 120 innovative and affordable degree and certificate programs, we have a place and a path for you at Edmonds CC.

When I came to the U.S. as a college student in the late ‘80s, I faced many obstacles as an immigrant, but I held on to my belief that “the sky's the limit” in this country. Today, I am proud to serve as the fifth president of Edmonds CC, where we are dedicated to student success and to the mission of the college: Teaching, Learning, Community. Given opportunity, I believe that we can all reach our greatest potential.

Thank you for choosing to pursue your academic goals and discover the path to your greatest potential at Edmonds CC.


Dr. Amit B. Singh

Edmonds CC President