StartZone Northwest

Entrepreneurship and Microbusiness Development

StartZone Northwest provides accessible and affordable training, consulting and support services to help people start and grow profitable small businesses.

Edmonds Community College has partnered with Pinchot University's Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship to bring StartZone Northwest to the college campus.

StartZone Northwest Programs and Services

Reality Check – This course helps students to assess their readiness and the feasibility of their business goals and get to a quick "go-no go" decision.

Business ESL – In collaboration with community college partners, the Business ESL course offers a unique opportunity for ESL newcomers to learn about entrepreneurship and business while improving their English skills.

Business Consulting – Person centered, one-on-one business consulting provided by experienced business advisors.

Contact StartZone Northwest for a complete list of courses and services and to speak to an advisor.

StartZone Northwest Contact Information:

Office: 206.780.6228
Cell: 206.235.6029
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