Executive Vice President for Instruction

Course Evaluations

Students, you may be asked to evaluate your courses at Edmonds Community College. Student evaluations are very important, the college values your input! Your feedback helps the college improve both teaching and student learning experience. Help us to build better learning experiences for students like you in the future!

So How Does This Work?

The process for evaluations is as follows:
  • You will receive an initial email from our evaluation provider, CourseEvaluation@ets.org.
  • This email will provide you with your username, password, and a link to a website where you can login to participate in your evaluation(s), which will be: sirii.clicksonline.com
  • Once you receive this email, you will have about two weeks (look for the cut-off date) to complete the evaluation.
To ensure you receive the email with this information, make sure it isn't blocked by your junk mail filter by adding CourseEvaluation@ets.org to your contacts and/or safe senders list. Depending on your email provider, the subject line of the email will include the title of the course in which you are evaluating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on the evaluation?

The evaluation you will participate in is mostly a fill-in-the-bubble survey that asks you to rate both your instructor's performance and the course you were in enrolled in. You will also be given the option to leave a comment as well.

May I leave more specific feedback somewhere?

You bet! The evaluation includes a comment box where you can leave more specific input. However, it is completely optional.

How long do I have to complete my evaluation(s)?

Your evaluation(s) will be accessible until midnight on the deadline provided. In case you forget to participate, our evaluation provider will automatically send you reminder emails until the evaluation is complete or until the cut-off date occurs.

Who receives my feedback?

The feedback you give us will remain anonymous. Whole class responses are compiled and summarized into number data and given to the heads of your class's division. The results will not be seen by your instructor until after grades are posted.

What happens if more than one of my courses are being evaluated this quarter?

There is always a chance that more than one of your courses will be evaluated in a given quarter. You will receive an email for each course with login information to access your evaluations. The username you are provided with will remain the same for each evaluation. However, you will have a unique password for each course.

I don't attend this course, or I am no longer enrolled. Do I still participate?

If you do not attend the course in which you are being enrolled in, or are no longer enrolled, you should not participate in the evaluation.

What web browsers are compatible with the evaluations website?

In order to login successfully, you must use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Google Chrome seems to have some compatibility issues with the evaluation website and does not work for the time being. If you have problems logging in or clicking any of the buttons on the website, switching browsers may be the solution to your problem.

More Questions?

Email faculty.eval@edcc.edu.

Summer 2013: Evaluations

  • Sunday, August 4: Student evaluation process begins.
  • Sunday, August 11: Submit your evaluation on or before this date.

Thank you for your help!