Executive Vice President for Instruction

Articulation Agreements

University Signatures Date Brief Notes

Antioch University  – Seattle

Jack Oharah – Edmonds Community College Toni Murdock, Antioch

April 2004

Upon completion of AA, AS, AAS-T for Family Support Studies, ATA in Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency Counseling, ATA in Paralegal, or ATA in Human Services at Edmonds Community College, students will be accepted by Antioch University Seattle at junior status. 

Students may transfer 90 quarter credits, with a grade of C- or better.  Remedial courses lower than 100-level are not included in this transfer agreement.  Transfer of more than 90 quarter credits will be considered by petition.

Argosy University Seattle Campus

Steve Hanson – Edmonds Community College Mark Hurtubise, Argosy

February 2003

Upon completion of an AA students will be admitted to Argosy U/Seattle, granted junior level standing and be recognized to have satisfied the general education requirements of Argosy U/Seattle.  Students may transfer up to 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours) with a grade of C- or better; however, the applicability of this credit to the requirements for psychology major will be determined on a course-by-course basis by Argosy. Upon completion of an AS students will be admitted to Argosy U/Seattle, granted junior level standing.  Students may transfer up to 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours) with a grade of C- or better; however, the applicability of this credit to the requirements for psychology major will be determined on a course-by-course basis by Argosy. Upon completion of the ATA in Social & Human Services students will be admitted to Argosy U/Seattle, granted junior level standing.  Students may transfer up to 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours) with a grade of C- or better; however, the applicability of this credit to the general education requirements or requirements for psychology major will be determined on a course-by-course basis by Argosy. Students who transfer with an ATA degree and have not completed the general education courses required by Argosy U/Seattle may complete those courses at Edmonds Community College for transfer credit either prior to admission or can be taken concurrently while enrolled at Argosy.

California University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Donald Thompson, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs

Dr. Marty Cavalluzzi, Edmonds Community College

April 2007

Primary purpose of this agreement is to enhance the transferability between Edmonds Community College’s Associate of Technical Arts Degree Program and CAL U’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Science and Technology with a concentration in Legal Studies.  A secondary purpose is to provide faculty and administration of both institutions with more precise guidelines for advising students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Science and Technology with a concentration in Legal Studies.  List of courses on file Vice President for Instruction’s office. 

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Tom Nielsen, Edmonds Community College

Frank Kittinger, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

January 1987

Students must have completed a minimum of 60 semester units leading to a baccalaureate degree in the arts or sciences with a cumulative grade point of at least 2.25 (on a 4.0 scale).  Specific course prerequisites are listed in the agreement and must be completed with a grade of C or better.

City University

Duncan Burgess, City University

Sept. 1996

City University will accept professional and technical credit from Edmonds Community College as lower division transfer credit.  Any AA degree from Edmonds Community College is accepted towards any City University 4-year bachelors degree program. 

City University 


January 2002 

City University accepts 90 lower division credits from any regionally accredited technical and/or community college – including credits earned in a technical associates programs.

CWU/Edmonds Community College

Linda Beath 

Marty Cavalluzzi



The Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) Department at Central Washington University (CWU) agrees to articulate its Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management (BAS­ITAM) with the following programs from Edmonds Community College (as stated in the 2005­2006 Program Requirements): 

  • Associate of Technical Arts Degree

  • Associate of Technical Arts Degree, Web Application Developer 

  • Associate of Technical Arts Degree, Network Technology 

  • Associate of Technical Arts Degree, Information Security 

Students from Edmonds Community College must meet the following admission requirements before applying for the BAS­ITAM: 

  • Completion of 1 of the Edmonds Community College Associate of Technical Degree program requirements for 2005­2006 listed above 

  • Completion of 20 credits of the CWU “Basic Skills Requirements” (English, Math, Logic, and Computing) or university equivalents or community/technical college equivalents with an overall minimum

    GPA of 2.3 (Course Equivalency tables housed in the Vice President for Instruction’s Office – SNH 318).

  • Completion of 2,000 hours (approximately one year of full ­time employment) of recent, documented work experience in an information technology related job, approved by the department chair, or designee, and Identification of a clearly articulated academic and/or career goal in pursuing the program.

After enrolling at CWU, students must complete major coursework in ITAM and all remaining CWU General Education coursework typically requiring 90 additional 

Note: Foreign Language is not required.

Brief Notes
CWU/Sea-Tac Center None None listed Early Childhood Education Program—Students must have completed ECE 292, ECE 331, Social Cultural Course Requirement, Math 164.1.  Students must have gained entry into CWU’s Teacher Education Program
CWU/Edmonds Community College Note from Bill McMeekin – and a card from Tim Yoxtheimer at CWU 4/15/96 Edmonds Community College’s Electronics Program – Transfers in a block of technology courses to CWU.  The courses are required in some engineering and industrial technology programs and electives in others.
CWU/Edmonds Community College/and other community colleges

Liz Murata/Edmonds Community College

1997 Agreement provides a system that enables students completing a two-year professional/technical business degree program at a community college to enroll at CWU and receive credit for courses taken as part of their community college degree program.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Extended Campus

James Cunningham, Ed.D., Assistant Provost Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Marty Cavalluzzi, Ph.D., Vice President for Instruction Edmonds Community College
12/1/08 and 12/5/08 respectively

This articulation agreement is a cooperative agreement that facilitates the transfer of students from Edmonds Community College to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Courses are carefully reviewed and evaluated to insure that their content and course objectives are equivalent and will transfer to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

Articulation degree templates are degree/catalog year specific and will be updated on an annual basis.  Transfer table articulation agreement is on file in the Vice President for Instruction’s office, Snohomish Hall, Room 318.
Evergreen State College

Jerrilee Mosier, VP for Workforce Education & Training, Edmonds Community College

Steve Hunter, Associate VP for Enrollment Management, Evergreen State College

Purpose of agreement is to enable Edmonds Community College students to enroll at Evergreen State College and request credit for courses taken as part of their technical program at Edmonds Community College. 

Technical degrees approved for direct technical transfer:  Accounting, Administration of Justice, Business, Computer Information Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Human Services (SHS or Chemical Dependency), Paralegal, and International Business.  The student must complete the degree and satisfy the minimum Upside Down requirements:  cumulative 2.50 GPA and successful completion of ENG 101, or equivalent, at “C” grade (2.0) or higher. 

Programs that do not qualify as direct transfer will be considered for the upside down degree program.  For a complete listing of current Upside Down transfer degrees and other transferable degrees from Edmonds Community College, you may view them at this website:  http://evergreen.edu/admissions
Eastern Oregon University Email from Gayla Shoemake 4/29/99 Eastern Oregon University accepts all of Washington Community College Associate of Arts and Associate of Arts and Science Degrees which transfer to four-year colleges and universities.  These degrees fulfill all of Eastern Oregon University’s general education requirements.
Johnson & Wales University Marie Bray, Johnson & Wales U Coordinator University Testing & Articulation Agreements - 10/12/07

After careful review of the Edmonds Community College Hospitality and Tourism programs, it appears that courses offered within the Edmonds Community College Hospitality and Tourism programs are parallel to those offered at Johnson & Wales University.  Edmonds Community College Hospitality and Tourism advisors have a listing of the courses that transfer and it is important for Edmonds Community College students to work closely with their advisor. 

Transfer credit can only be earned in the following manner:

  • Students must earn a minimum grade of “C”.
  • Students must select a major to insure proper awarding of transfer credit.
  • Johnson & Wales will evaluate course-by-course to reflect students’ curriculum.
  • Course credit hours must equate to the course credit hours assigned to Johnson & Wales courses.
This agreement will be reevaluated on the 2008-2009 catalog.
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Ken Rennels, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Purdue School of Engineering

Jack Oharah, President, Edmonds Community College
10/27/05 & 5/2/06 International student completing an Associate of Science degree at Edmonds Community College with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 or better are eligible for admission to compatible degree programs at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). 

Indiana University South Bend

(IU South Bend)

Una Mae Reck, Chancellor, Indiana University South Bend

Alfred Guillaume, Vice Chancellor University South Bend

Marty Cavalluzzi, Vice President for Instruction, Edmonds Community College
6/12/09, 6/11/09, and 6/30/09 respectively

Upon completion of an associate’s degree at Edmonds Community College, students will be accepted by IU South Bend at junior status with 90 transferable Edmonds quarter credits equivalent to 60 IU South Bend semester credits (grades of C or higher).

Long Island University

C.W. Post Campus (LIU/C.W.)

Brookville, New York

Beth Carson, Director International Admissions

Gary Bergman, Associate Provost Enrollment Services



LIU/C.W. will guarantee admission to Edmonds Community College international students who fulfill the following conditions: 

  • Complete 90 or more quarter units with a grade point of 2.0 or above and a conferred (or anticipated) Associates Degree
  • Submit a C.W. Post International Admissions Application and official Edmonds Community College transcripts
  • If applicable, submit any other official college/university transcripts with certified English translation
  • TOEFL will be waived based on completion of an Associates Degree at Edmonds Community College. 

This guarantee excludes the following majors that have additional admissions requirements:  All Art programs, Music, Nursing, Nutrition, Radiologic Technology, Social Work, all Theatre programs, Dance. 

This agreement expires at the end of Spring 2008 application filing period.
Oregon Institute of Technology Jerrilee Mosier, VP for Workforce Development & Training; David Chalif, Dean Math, Science & Engineering July 27, 2009 Students transferring from Edmonds Community College Material Science Technology program to Oregon Institute of Technology’s Manufacturing Engineering Technology program will be given full credit for all selected courses (list is in the Vice President for Instruction’s Office).  The agreement is based on the evaluation of the rigor and content of the general education and technical courses at both Edmonds Community College and Oregon Institute of Technology and is subject to a yearly reevaluation by both schools for continuance.
San Francisco State University

Dr. Yenbo Wu, Director Office of International Programs

Valerie Perry, Director Undergraduate Admissions
Admission guarantee expires at the end of Spring 2008 application filing period

Certificate guarantees that students may transfer to San Francisco State University upon satisfactory completion of the following conditions:

  • Complete 90 or more transferable quarter units (credits) with a college grade point average of 2.4 in all transferable Edmonds Community College coursework
  • Complete the SFSU Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA) with Edmonds Community Colleges official transcripts
  • Complete other General Education requirements in effect at the point of admission
  • Submit all official college/university transcripts with certified English translation
  • Submit requirement documents for F-1 student status and SEVIS
Upon completion of above requirements and verification of transfer from Edmonds Community College to San Francisco State University, the applicant is fully eligible to apply for admission and will be admitted to San Francisco State University. To take advantage of this guarantee, the student must submit a CSU-SFSU undergraduate application by the deadline for the chosen major.  This guarantee excludes impacted majors.
Seattle Pacific University

Steve Hanson

Joyce Erickson


Note: To be reviewed Summer 03

(Per Debbie Crouch at SPU on 9/29/04) - Student who have completed any ATA degree and completed 20 liberal arts credits is eligible to apply. Acceptance still depends on meeting Admissions criteria for GPA, positive recommendations, etc.

The following degrees transfer directly into Seattle Pacific University’s Professional Studies Program.:  Accounting, Small Business Management, Business Management, Business: Travel Emphasis, Marketing, Credit Management, Fashion Merchandising, Paralegal, Business Computer Information Systems, Graphic Design, Digital Media, E-Commerce, Early Childhood Education, and Construction Management.
Seattle Pacific University Note from Lorelie at SPU to Wayne at Edmonds Community College 8/26/93 9 credits in Early Childhood Education courses are required for transfer and are accepted equivalencies
Sierra Nevada College – Lake Tahoe Ronald Usiewicz 3/5/90 Edmonds Community College students earning a Certificate in Culinary Arts are assured admission to Sierra Nevada College – Lake Tahoe, and advanced standing of 70 transfer credits for the courses of study completed at Edmonds Community College. 
South Seattle Community College

Jack Oharah

Gary Oertli


South Seattle Community College (SSCC) has approved the following programs offered at Edmonds Community College (EdCC) for SSCC Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Management degree:  Accounting, Business Information Technology, Business Management, Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism and International Business. In order to qualify for the transfer agreement students must: Earn Edmonds CC’s Associate of Applied Science-T Degree; Achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.5, and meet the admissions criteria for SCCC in effect at the time of their application.  More details available about this articulation agreement in the Vice President for Instruction’s Office. 
Thompson Rivers University

Dr. Alan Shaver

Marty Cavalluzzi

Objectives of this agreement include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring access by eligible students of Edmonds Community College (EdCC) to Thompson Rivers University (TRU)
  • establishing criteria to determine eligibility of Edmonds CC students to TRU programs
  • Determining transferability and applicability of certain courses offered by Edmonds CC to TRU programs
Establishing processes to encourage, review and expand, as appropriate.
University of Iowa City

Michael Barron

Marty Cavalluzzi

Formal articulation for collaboration between The University of Iowa and Edmonds Community College.

The purpose of this agreement is:

  • To improve academic program articulation, access, success and degree completion between The University of Iowa and Edmonds Community college.
  • To promote the recruitment of highly qualified transfer students to the University of Iowa
  • Establish new levels of cooperation among institutions
Ensure that the principles of the collaborative arrangements are clearly set out, and clear channels of authority, accountability, and executive action are identified.
University of Maryland University College

Susan C. Aldridge

Jack Oharah
September 21, 2010 University of Maryland University College (UMUC) shall afford students graduating from EDCC with those degrees identified on EXHIBIT 1 the opportunity to transfer to UMUC into the UMUC programs identified as EXHIBIT 1.  A copy of EXHIBIT 1 may be obtained from the Vice President for Instruction Office in Snohomish Hall. 
University of Phoenix

Marty Cavalluzzi

Dr. William Pepicello



This articulation agreement is intended to increase the options available to associate degree students from Edmonds Community College who wish to continue their education in a bachelor’s degree program at the University of Phoenix. 

The University of Phoenix will articulate the associate degree courses from Edmonds Community College.

All transferable college-level credit (including vocational degrees), awarded by the University of Phoenix Transfer Policy with a grade of “C-“ (1.66) or above will transfer to the University of Phoenix as semester credit hours.  A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) is required in order to be accepted to waive or exempt a University of Phoenix undergraduate required course.  The University of Phoenix transfer policy can be reviewed at www.phoenix.edu.
Washington State University – School of Hospitality Business Management

Jack Oharah

Susan Loreen

Terry Umbeit

Kevin Jewett


5/22/06 Edmonds Community College students who complete the transferable Associate of Arts degree, with the completion of 90 quarter credits (equivalent of 60 semester credits), the completion of the core courses* listed at end of document housed in VPI Office, and who have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average on transferable coursework, will be eligible for certification status with the School of Hospitality Business Management, WSU.   Agreement becomes effective July 1, 2006. 
Washington State University, Bellevue Community College, Edmonds Community College

Jack Oharah

Jean Floten

Samuel Smith
9/16/99 Interagency agreement joining all 3 institutions in a cooperative effort to jointly offer an asynchronous delivered baccalaureate degree in Business Administration – General Business.
University of Washington Joe Ammirati 6/2/88 HORT 106, 107 and 108 will be accepted as equivalents for WSU’s HORT 231 and 232.
Washington State University

Robert Bates

Steve Hanson
12/17/02 The purpose of this set of advising recommendations is to provide students with the Family Support Certificate from Edmonds Community College’s Family Life Education Department an advantage as transfer students into the Human Development program at WSU.
Washington State University

Robert Bates

Mary Hale
8/29/05 This agreement will facilitate transfer of students with a Associate of Arts (Direct Transfer Agreement) Degree from Edmonds Community College toward completion of a BA degree in general human development. Transfer coursework for students completing the Associate of Technical Arts degree will be applied to the Washington State University General Education core and to respective degree options within the HD program based on the Transfer Course Equivalency guidelines. 
Washington State University – Extended Degree Programs

Samuel Smith

Jack Oharah
10/11/99 Program participation agreement, financial aid consortium.  This agreement expedites financial aid for WSU degree-seeking students enrolled concurrently in WSU and Edmonds Community College courses. 
Western Oregon University

Jerrilee Mosier

Les Muller
April 2010

For the purpose of enabling students to pursue their education beyond an Associate degree, Western Oregon University (WOU) and Edmonds Community College (EdCC) agree to support an articulation agreement between the following programs:

  • Associate of Technical Arts – Fire Officer Development from EdCC
Bachelor of Arts in Fire Services Administration (BA) and the bachelor of Science in Fire Services Administration (BS) from WOU
University of Oregon

John Moseley

Steve Hanson
10/5/99 The University of Oregon will accept Edmonds Community College’s Associates of Arts and Sciences, Option 1, as meeting lower division general university requirements.
Western Governors University

Kenneth Sorber, VP Strategic Relations, WGU

Romey Beseiso,  WGU College Relations
May 2011

One of Western Governors University’s primary goals  is to offer Washington State community and technical college graduates a high-quality, affordable way to complete their bachelor’s degrees online at a state-endorsed, accredited university.  This Partnership Program offers the following benefits to students who transfer from Edmonds Community College:

  • 5% tuition discount
  • Application fee waiver ($65 value)
A chance to receive the “go further” scholarship, valued up to $2,000
Western Washington University Suzanne Krogh May 1993

The Woodring College of Education accepts the Option 1, Interdisciplinary Child Development major as an acceptable Arts and Sciences transfer degree meeting all transfer requirements.  In addition, Edmonds Community College’s Early Childhood Education courses will be considered equivalency courses:  ECE 150 for EdCI 435; ECE 209 for EdCI 390, ECE 216 and 236 together for EdCI 331, ECE 239 for EdCI 489. 

ATA degrees may transfer toward Upside Down Bachelor degrees.