UW Bachelor's Completion Program

Undergraduate Communication Major

The Communication major is a 50-credit broad-based exploration of communication which integrates the following areas of study: communication and culture; communication technology and society; international communication; political communication; rhetoric and critical studies and social interaction.

Admission Requirements

Students need to complete at least five credits of course work in Communication at the UW before applying to the major. Applications to the major are available the first day of the quarter in Communication 118 and due back to that office on the second Monday of the Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. Applications are not accepted for Summer quarter.

Major Requirements

Major Requirements include completing 50 Communication credits which includes 5 credits of COM 201 or 202; 10 credits of 400 level courses and the remaining 35 credits in any 200, 300 or 400 level courses.

A limited number of these or similar courses will be offered each quarter (for course descriptions, see the UW Course Catalog):

Communication (COM) 

Number Title
COM 201 Introduction to Communication I
COM 202 Introduction to Communication II
COM 220 Introduction to Public Speaking
COM 222 Communication in a Free Society
COM 234 Public Debate
COM 251 Interviewing
COM 270 Interpersonal Communication
COM 273 Parliamentary Procedure and Public Meetings
COM 285 Communication in the Classroom
COM 300 Basic Concepts of New Media
COM 301 Navigating Information Networks for Mass Media
COM 302 The Cultural Impact of Communication Technology
COM 304 The Press and Politics in the United States
COM 305 The Politics of Mass Communication in America
COM 306 Media, Society, and Political Identity
COM 320 Advanced Public Speaking
COM 321 Communication in International Relations
COM 322 Global Communication
COM 329 Rhetoric of Social and Political Movements
COM 331 The Rhetorical Tradition in Western Thought
COM 334 Essentials of Argument
COM 340 History of Mass Communication
COM 342 Media Structure
COM 343 Effects of Mass Communication
COM 359 Writing for Mass Media
COM 373 Communication in Small Groups
COM 374 Perspectives on Language
COM 375 Communication Ethics
COM 376 Nonverbal Communication
COM 378 Social Approaches to Interpersonal Communication
COM 382 Social Scientific Approaches to Comm. Research
COM 395 Communication Internship
COM 401 Telecommunication Policy and Convergent Media
COM 402 New Media as Virtual Communities
COM 405 New Media Criticism
COM 406 Public Discourse on the Internet
COM 407 The Internet and Politics
COM 411 Seminar in Political Comm.
COM 414 Public Opinion and the Mass Media: Processes and Methods
COM 417 Political Deliberation
COM 418 Communication and the Environment
COM 420 Comparative Media Systems
COM 423 Communication and Social Change
COM 425 European Media Systems
COM 426 International Media Images
COM 427 International Communications Law and Policy
COM 428 Asian Media Systems
COM 429 Chinese Communication Systems
COM 430 Canadian Documentary Film Traditions
COM 431 Rhetorical Criticism
COM 433 Speech Composition
COM 434 Argumentation Theory
COM 435 Historic American Public Discourse
COM 436 Contemporary American Public Discourse
COM 437 Rhetorical Perspectives in Intellectual Revolutions
COM 438 Rhetoric of Science
COM 440 Mass Media Law
COM 441 United States Media History
COM 442 History of Media Technology and Regulation
COM 444 Public Relations and Society
COM 445 Journalism and Literature
COM 451 Mass Media and Culture
COM 452 Crisis Communications
COM 464 Opinion and Editorial Writing
COM 468 Journalism Ethics
COM 469 Intellectual Foundations of American Journalism
COM 471 Persuasion
COM 472 Empirical Approaches to Interpersonal Communication
COM 473 Discussion Leadership
COM 474 Communication, Conflict, and Cooperation
COM 475 Organization Communication
COM 476 Models and Theories in Communication
COM 478 Intercultural Communication
COM 479 Communication in Children's Environments
COM 480 Communication in Adolescent Environments
COM 482 Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication
COM 484 Cultural Codes in Communication
COM 485 Fieldwork in Communication Studies
COM 489 Ethnicity, Gender, and Communication
COM 495 Special Topics in Communication
COM 498 Independent Research
COM 499 Directed Research

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