UW Bachelor's Completion Program

UW Bachelor's Completion Program: Flexible Schedule Options

Edmonds Community College, Bellevue College, and the University of Washington have joined together to offer a flexible option for achieving your bachelor's degree with all but 45 credits taken online. This program is ideal for working professionals or any students who have busy and complex lives requiring a flexible and convenient way to fulfill their goal of earning a University of Washington bachelor's degree.

Main Benefits

You can take classes in the evening on the UW campus as well as choose the eLearning classes that best fit your busy schedule.

You can gain immediate entry into the Social Science major. For the other majors, with a little planning, you can take the prerequisites at your community college as part of your associate's degree or via eLearning from the UW.

You get a University of Washington bachelor's degree. The only difference between the day and evening program is the availability of majors, and the times classes meet. Many of the instructors are full-time UW faculty.

The Program

Under the Flexible Schedule Option, you first complete an associate transfer degree through online and/or onsite courses at Bellevue College or Edmonds Community College. Once completed, you may continue to enroll into up to 45 eLearning courses from the University of Washington and complete your last 45 credits as a matriculated Evening Degree student.

Or you may apply and be accepted to the Evening Degree Program and take a combination of onsite and eLearning courses to complete your degree. To earn your bachelor's degree, your final 45 credits must be taken in residence (taken on campus) at the University of Washington. It is recommended that you meet with an Evening Degree advisor to discuss which path best suits your circumstances prior to embarking on your final 90 credits.

Choosing a Major

Currently, the degree available for this program is a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences.