2016-17 Fees

Special Fee

See class listing for classes that require a special or laboratory fee in addition to the regular credit hour charge.

Associated Student Fees

  • Assessment Fee
    All students pay $5.50 per credit fee at registration.
  • Athletic Field/Sustainability Fee
    $0.50 per credit for all credits
  • Student Union Building Fee
    All students pay $0.37 per credit for support of the new Triton Student Center building.
  • Technology Fee
    All students pay $2.40 per credit for student services, including computers for student use and wireless access.

Over 18 Credit Fee

For any credits over 18, an operating fee is charged in lieu of tuition. For resident students and eligible veterans, the fee is $92.17 per credit and for nonresident students, the fee is $268.68 per credit.

Program Completion Fee

$40.00 upon completion of a degree or certificate. You must pay your Program Completion Fee before you will be able to apply for graduation using our GATE system.

Self-Support Class Fees

Classes are listed with the letter “Q” or “R” in their section letters; student is assessed a fee instead of charged tuition; grades and credits are awarded for these classes. Community service self-support classes carry no credit, no grades, and no transcript entry is made.


$15.00 per official copy, no charge for one unofficial transcript; complete instructions.


Pursuant to state law (RCW 28B.10.293 and RCW 19.16.500) any debts to the college will be increased by costs and expenses incurred in the collection of such debts.