Student Support Services

What to do when a tutor is not available

TRiO will make every effort possible to locate a tutor but there is no guarantee that one will be secured for you. Here are some alternate methods of getting the academic help you need. 

Talk with your instructor

Visit your instructors during their office hours. If you are unsure of the instructor's office hours, talk to him/her after class and make an appointment.

Connect with other tutoring services on campus

Visit the Learning Support Center, Writing Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, and Diversity Student Center to arrange tutoring assistance. 

Organize a study group

Ask your classmates to be study partners. If you are a TRiO participant, you can request a study space for large study groups with Charlotte Emigh, Academic Coordinator at 425.640.1391. 

Visit the library

Search for other textbooks and any accompanying CD and/or DVDs on the same subject. Sometimes other books present material differently and more clearly than the course textbook. 

Search for a website

Conduct a search for a website that offers tutorials and practice for your course.

TRiO offers a Canvas site with numerous websites and resources that teach and offer practice in English, math, Microsoft applications, study skills, and time management. (Access to TRiO Canvas is reserved for TRiO participants only) 

Attend FREE workshops

Our campus provided many different types of FREE workshops. Check out TRiO's Activities and Events page. 


Seek additional support services for academic success


Counseling and Resource Center, Diversity Student Center