Testing and Assessment Services


All students must have picture ID with them to take any test.

The College Testing and Assessment Services provides test administration at no charge for both online courses and on-campus classes as requested by Edmonds Community College instructors. Instructors supply test materials and detailed instructions about test length and the availability of test aids.


We provide a secure environment with 24/7 surveillance cameras for testing, monitoring of all testing, and secure storage of tests.

Students taking tests (written or computer-based) from other colleges will be charged a fee of $25 fee for the first hour of use and an additional $15 for each additional hour.

Students do not need to make an appointment to take their proctored exams.  However, they do need to email testingcenter@edcc.edu ahead of time to ensure that we have received their test from their school.

If students are taking a proctored exam that allows aides such as a calculator or scantron, notes, this is the student’s responsibility.

Testing and Assessment Services cannot proctor any test that requires specific software or audio equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, Excel®, Office®, Word, CDs, or headphones.


Kyle Heng; Patti Pollardo; Kevin Pham; Trish Hanson; Masako Bittle.

Note: Testing is done on a walk-in basis during normal operating hours.