Syllabus Creation

Academic Integrity Statement

A few comments regarding academic integrity are in order. All forms of education, and distance learning in particular, assume a high level of trust between the instructor and students. As a student, you must trust that I will respond to questions, grade homework and exams, and manage the class in a fair and impartial manner. You also expect that I will respond to your requests quickly and in a professional way. You expect that the grades that you earn in the class are accurate measures of your mastery of the learning objectives set forth in the syllabus.

As the instructor, I, too, expect that you will put forth your best efforts to complete the requirements of the course, and that you will respond to quickly respond to my requests in a professional manner. Group collaboration and discussion are valuable learning tools, and I expect that we will use our class discussions (the virtual classroom) for those purposes.

Maintaining academic integrity in this course is a high priority. Accordingly, I expect that all work that you submit in this class will be the product of your own efforts, and should you utilize legitimate outside sources, that you will cite those sources using proper formats. Also, I expect that students will conduct themselves in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, as specified in the constitution of the Associated Students of Edmonds Community College, including the provisions regarding cheating and plagiarism. That document is available from the Associated Students of Edmonds Community College (ASEdCC) or from the Vice President for Student Services, and I will proceed with the understanding that you have read and understood it.

Please be advised that I will take whatever steps that I deem necessary to preserve the academic integrity of this course.

The bottom line is, this class should be an exciting, fun, and challenging experience for you and for me. The best way to achieve the learning objectives for this class is for you to accept responsibility for your role in the education process, and to actively challenge me to perform my role.