Curriculum Development

Our faculty members are busy integrating sustainability into new and existing classes and programs. This past year, we held a professional development opportunity for faculty on campus, Sustainability Ccross the Curriculum. Thirty-eight faculty from many disciplines (mix of both liberal arts and professional-technical) attended. The results of that work are posted here by discipline. Each title will link to a PDF file. 

More curriculum resources can be found here: curriculum resources

Business Division

Accounting & Economics

                     Williams-Tragedy of the Commons

Business Information Technology

           Allyn-Can I really make a difference

            Business Math

                     McKay-Considering Waste

Culinary Arts

           Fogarty-Sustainability in the Culinary Arts


Hankin-Comparing the True Costs of Landscape Materials

Hospitality and Tourism

           Philips-Hospitality and Tourism Group Project


Developmental Education Division



            Career College and Life Success   

                     Coiro-An Introduction to Sustainability at Edmonds Community College        

            High School Completion

                     Haas-What is my carbon footprint


Health and Human Services

           Allied Health

                     Trivett-Social Justice and Cultural Competence in Health Care

           Health and Physical Education

                     Johnston-Externalizing Yamas And Niyamas

                     Toney-Sustainability Through Yoga Philosophy


                    Fitch-Introduction to Law



Humanities/Social Science Division


                     Burke-The role of human adaptation in the ecosystem-preliminary


                     Maki-Sustainability Mural


          Carty-A Sustainable Future for New Orleans

Zale-The Role of Community in Sustainability


International Division

English for Academic Purposes

Clarke-Blome-Violence as an Unsustainable Behavior

Safford-Burning Season

Intensive ESL

Weibel-Why Having Stuff Matters: A Fresh Perspective


Learning Resources Division

           Learning Resources

                     Moore-Who tells the stories about sustainability


Math/Science Division


                     Stilson-Effects and Sources of Environmental Contaminants


Leoni-Modeling Population Growth


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