Opening Doors with Math

The Mathematics Department offers a range of courses for a variety of needs and plans of study. We support the professional and technical programs as well as the transfer programs. We offer several PreCollege courses that satisfy requirements for students obtaining certificates and students preparing for college level mathematics courses. Our college level courses prepare students for the sciences and engineering curriculum, satisfy prerequisites for admission to colleges of business and education, and create the foundation of undergraduate mathematics curriculum for math majors.

Math is Foundational

A background in Mathematics can open many doors for you. Watch the We Use Math Video from BYU Math and see what's possible if you study math.

The department offers courses in a number of formats and times including online, day, and evening classes. Our Math 80 and Math 90 classes utilize computer software for a mastery-based approach. Students in Math 40, 60, 80, and 90 have the option to enroll in the Math Center for variable credit options.

Students in all courses have access to numerous resources to help them complete their coursework, including the Tutoring Center in the Learning Support Center, online tutoring through eTutoring.org, and a Math Center for students in Math 80 and 90.

The department participates each year in the AMATYC Student Math League Exam. Students who enjoy challenging themselves in mathematics are welcome to participate in the exams each fall and winter quarter.

We welcome you to the department and to the college!

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