Computers, Electronics, and Networks

Robotics and Electronics Technology

Train for a successful career in robotics and electronics servicing.

To start this program spring quarter, register for:

This training will equip you for a variety of jobs that require a strong foundation in electronics and automation. Salaries range from $33,000 to $42,000 for a Tech I after a short period of time.

After completing this training, you will be able to continue on to receive your bachelors degree.

Internships and job placement are available.

For advising and answers to your questions, call the CEN department chair, Kay Latimer at 425.640.1136.

Frequently Asked Questions

What degree do I receive for this training?

What type of work might I perform with this training?

See our Career Information page.

When does this training begin?

You can start fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters; however, the best time to start is fall quarter.

What courses do I take and when?

See our When to Take Your Classes table.

What skills do I need to possess?

Is there help for paying my training costs?

We have a financial aid available at the college and also paid internships for students after the first year.

Who do I talk to for more information on this training program?

See our CEN Faculty Advising Information page.