Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

  • Project Reach and Alderwood Hall
  • Students in the classroom
  • Snohomish Hall Courtyard
  • Chemistry Student

January 2014 Reports

Date Report
1/2/2014 Security received a report of a vehicle break-in that occurred in parking lot D.
1/6/2014 Security responded to the 2nd floor women's restroom in the Brier student lounge for a welfare check.
1/6/2014 Security responded to Snoqualmie smoke shack for an intoxicated person.
1/7/2014 Lynnwood Police Department reports an alleged fight occurred in the parking lot of the Lynnwood ice arena.
1/8/2014 Security responded to Mill Creek Hall for a report of a missing/stolen iPad.
1/8/2014 Security made contact with two individuals observed to be engaged in intimate activity in a parked vehicle.
1/9/2014 Security received a report from a staff member in cashier's office.
1/9/2014 Student came to security to report his camera was stolen while he was in Brier student lounge.
1/13/2014 Security responded to a medical call from the counseling center in MLT.
1/13/2014 Student reported to security that his vehicle had been damaged while parked on campus.
1/14/2014 Security responded to a call from a staff member who observed students smoking suspected marijuana.
1/14/2014 Student came to the security office to report a theft.
1/15/2014 The Counseling Center called 911 to respond and assist a student.
1/17/2014 Security observed student that was not suppose to be on campus wandering around Lynnwood Hall.
1/21/2014 Security responded to a call of an altercation between a male and a female student outside Mukilteo Hall.
1/21/2014 Student found note on her car in response to a bumper sticker she has displayed on vehicle.
1/21/2014 Security responded to two male students arguing in the MLT 1st floor men's restroom.
1/21/2014 Security responded to a vehicle accident in Lot G.
1/22/2014 Non injury vehicle accident both parties exchanged insurance/personal information.
1/23/2014 Student reports another vehicle hitting his, no damage found.
1/27/2014 Security responded to a report of small book that was set on fire in parking lot C.
1/29/2014 Security recovered a projector that had been stolen in June 2013.
1/30/2014 Security responded to a medical call in Gateway Hall.
1/31/2014 Racial slur written on the trunk of a car in Lot D.