Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

  • Project Reach and Alderwood Hall
  • Students in the classroom
  • Snohomish Hall Courtyard
  • Chemistry Student

February 2014 Reports

Date Report
1/27/2014 Two individuals found in Lot N distributing handbills
1/29/2014 Security responded to Brier Hallkitchen, student fell
1/31/2014 Security received a report of a student stalking another student
2/1/2014 Security responded to a car in Lot B that had been broken into
2/3/2014 Students reports receiving phone text message regarding another student selling marijuana
2/4/2014 Security responded to Seaview Hall regarding items found outside main entrance
2/4/2014 Two students were involved in an altercation inside an apartment at Rainier Hall
2/4/2014 Student reported an altercation that occurred on 2/4/2014 in the lobby area -2nd floor of MLT
2/4/2014 Report of an argument in Brier cafeteria
2/5/2014 Security responded to a call of a non-injury vehicle accident in Lot L
2/5/2014 Security received a statement from a student regarding a threat altercation in the parking lot
2/6/2014 Student reports laptop missing
2/6/2014 Student reports his ipad is missing
2/10/2014 Security took statement from an eyewitness to an at Rainier Hall between two students.
2/20/2014 Bookstore staff reported that their vending machine had been vandalized
2/20/2014 Student reported that her vehicle was hit by another vehicle in Lot E
2/25/2014 Student reports that his bicycle was stolen from the bicycle rack located on the North West exterior of Lynnwood Hall
2/26/2014 Security received a report from a student that his vehicle had been kicked which resulted in a dent on the rear passenger side door