Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

September 2013 Reports

Date Report
9/03/2013 Security responded to a medical call from Brier Hall.
9/18/2013 Faculty vehicle was towed due to being parked illegally in a state disable parking space without a permit.
9/23/2013 Security responded to a call from advising office in Mukilteo Hall for a report of a student that refused to leave.
9/23/2013 Student reported his vehicle has been hit and run, scratch on the bumper.
9/24/2013 Student reported his vehicle was hit while in the parking lot.
9/24/2013 Student came to security office to report his electric assist. bicycle had been stolen.
9/24/2013 Security responded to a medical call from Mill Creek Hall of a female who had fainted.
9/24/2013 Security received a report from the college bookstore of an obscene phone call.
9/24/2013 Student reported that her tablet may have been used by another student and hacked.
9/25/2013 Student repeatedly calls campus security making false reports, shows up to the office and disrupts security operations.
9/25/2013 Student reports that when she got back to her vehicle there was a harassing note left on her vehicle.
9/25/2013 Students reports her bike was stolen from the bike rack in front of Lynnwood Hall.
9/25/2013 Student threatening another student.
9/26/2013 Student parked in Lot E on the road and left his car there to attend class.
9/26/2013 Security received a report of a distraught student in the library.
9/26/2013 Security responded to a non-injury vehicle accident.
9/26/2013 Student reports that he was hit by another vehicle while walking to class.
9/30/2013 Free speech visitor on campus courtyard was assaulted by possible student.