Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

May 2013 Reports

Date Report
5/1/2013 Security responded to a disturbance outside the main entrance of the Center for Families.

Security responded to a call from a concerned mother; daughter had not returned from yoga class.


Security received a statement from Seaview Staff regarding a medical that occurred at Seaview.

5/2/2013 Student struck a parked vehicle while attempting to park his vehicle.
5/3/2013 Security made contact with a student regarding an expired parking pass, student became aggravated and was uncivil, using profanity towards security.
5/3/2013 Campus security were requested by the Counseling office to sit in a meeting with a disturbance student.
5/4/2013 Security responded to a call from staff regarding an agitated student and she is in the bathroom for a long time.
5/6/2013 Instructor requests a security presence outside her classroom in Mukilteo Hall.
5/6/2013 Security responded to a non-injury vehicle and motorcycle accident.
5/7/2013 Security responded to a non-injury vehicle accident in Lot B.
5/7/2013 Security met with staff from Counseling office regarding students harassing other students.
5/8/2013 Security received a statement and a copy of an email concerning an issue with a potential new student.
5/8/2013 Wallet was taken from student backpack.
5/8/2013 Security observed vehicle that had been hit in Lot D.
5/9/2013 Security was contacted by Snoqualmie Hall staff reporting a possibly disturbed non-student.
5/10/2013 Security made contact with a student parked on a sidewalk.
5/13/2013 Security disrespecting security.
5/13/2013 Student reported his backpack and briefcase had been stolen from the lobby in Snoqualmie Hall.
5/14/2013 Security responds to parking incident in Lot N.
5/14/2013 Security responded to a call regarding a vehicle that was broken into.
5/14/2013 Staff member reports student driving fast in Lot B and also insulted the staff member.
5/15/2013 Security was informed by staff that his car might have been broken into and his fuse box tampered with.
5/17/2013 Security responded to the Black Box theater; Snoopy injured during performance.
5/17/2013 Security responded to the kitchen for a report of a student that had cut himself with a knife.
5/21/2013 Security responds to 911 call of non-injury auto accident in Lot G.
5/22/2013 Students reports being harassed by a male in the parking lot while she was parking.
5/22/2013 Security and Medics responded to a medical call from Testing Center; student passed out after taking test.
5/22/2013 Security made contact with student creating a disturbance in the courtyard between Lynnwood and MLT halls.
5/22/2013 Student reports to security she had two phones stolen this week.
5/22/2013 Security observed police activities near the Ice Arena.
5/23/2013 Security responded to a fender bender call from Lot E.
5/23/2013 Security and Lynnwood PD responded to a domestic call from a female in parking lot B.
5/29/2013 Security and LPD made contact with student with outstanding warrants, student was apprehended and arrested.
5/31/2013 Security responded to a call from staff regarding two males driving recklessly on campus.
5/31/2013 Staff member reports to security of falling while working in the library.