Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

July 2013 Reports

Date Report
4/2/2013 Security received information of a preliminary investigation on an alleged sexual assault in Center for Families and Lynnwood Hall.
6/10/2013 Security responding to  a call regarding a student fainting in a classroom.
7/3/2013 Security made contact with an individual that work part-time at the college appeared to be under the influence.
7/3/2013 Security received a lost wallet from CWU staff, it contained some unknown brown powder substance.
7/4/2013 Security received a call from RA at Rainier Hall reporting smoke coming from Lot D and fire trucks were on their way onto the scene.
7/9/2013 Student locker was broken into in Seaview, cash and credit cards stolen.
7/9/2013 Student reports that his backpack was stolen out of a locker in Seaview gym.
7/15/2013 Security responded to Mukilteo Hall for a report of student who had been stung by a bee.
7/16/2013 Security responded to parking lot C for a report of a vehicle break-in.
7/16/2013 Security responded to a call in Lot P, report of a hit-and-run.
7/18/2013 Security and Lynnwood Fire Department responded to Snoqualmie Hall for a fire alarm.
7/22/2013 Student claimed she was being harassed.
7/22/2013 A student reported that his bicycle had been stolen.
7/23/2013 Security and Lynnwood PD  responded to a call from Center For Families of a child locked in a vehicle.
7/24/2013 Security was requested by Dean of students to presence while attempting to contact a student of concern.
7/25/2013 Security responded to Dean of student's office, student yelling during a meeting.
7/26/2013 Security spotted suspicious vehicle in Lot B, contacted 911.
7/31/2013 Security received a phone call from an outside agency regarding a college student with possible identity theft issue.